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Needles in my Skin
Published on Thursday, November 15, 2012 by

First, the doctor puts a needle in to your skin until it hits the nerve.  Then he sends electricity through the needle.  As the electricity is going through your nerve, he tells you to move your hand or arm.  With the needle still in it.  That was my morning.  An Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Study, or EMG.

But at the same time I was having this done, Meleah was facing yet another stick in her bad veins, preparing for a full bone scan.  As people were calming Meleah, do you know what she was doing?  She was encouraging ME!

The first time I had an EMG it was worse than childbirth.  My new pain doctor told me he was the MASTER of EMG’s.  And guess what.  HE IS.  Was it fun?  No.  Was it uncomfortable.  Yes.  But the pain was minimal.  I totally lucked out.

My doctor learned how to give this test as painlessly as possible in a very unusual way.  His teacher put all of his class in lockdown, stating they were not to leave until they had each performed 300 EMG’s on each other.


During that long night filled with electric shocks and needles, my physician and his fellow students learned, “Oh, if the hand is turned this way rather than that, it hurts less.  And if the patient is on his or her side, you only need ¼ of the electrical current.”

The test results were unexpected.  Fortunately, there is no nerve damage going down my arm.  Unfortunately, I have carpel tunnel syndrome caused by the accident.  All the pain that shoots down in to my hand along with the numbness can now be explained.  Bulging discs, whiplash and carpal tunnel.

bruising from emg

Out of all of this, I was struck by all the support and encouragement I received the morning of the test.  But even more, Meleah, YOUR encouragement meant the most.  Because my test was nothing compared to yours – and yet there you were, making ME feel better while you were going through tests as well.

Meleah, you are an inspiration.  THANK YOU!

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