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A Keeper – Finally!
Published on Monday, November 12, 2012 by

Months.  We have all tried for months to get that pie in the sky keeper puppy drum.  I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is to put a 17 ¾ inch drum back in the ocean.  It just isn’t the legal 18 inches.  So close.  OH SO CLOSE!

But the North Carolina game wardens don’t play games.  If you have a fish under the legal limit, you will be fined.  Hundreds.  Or you may even be taken to jail.  That ¼ inch is just not worth it!

Picture me, my mother and daughter on the beach Sunday, just as the sun began to set.  We were running out of light.  I had a two hour drive home ahead of me.  But it just seemed worth that “one last cast.”

And then I got the hit.  And I began to reel it in.  When I felt the weight and the fight I knew.  I just knew.  As the fish finally came in to view I was shocked.  I had two drum on one line.  TWO DRUM.  Did that mean both were probably under size?  Yes.  But it was TWO DRUM!

One of them appeared fairly long.  No.  It couldn’t be.  Or could it?  Is it 18 inches?  I measured once.  I measured twice.  I looked up at my mother questioningly and she said, “IT IS OVER 18 INCHES.”


Legal Puppy Drum

Now, if you have a boat, you will laugh at my fish.  It is a SMALL PUPPY DRUM.  It is just above the lowest legal limit.  But I am not ashamed.  I am holding my head high and grinning ear to ear.  Because I know what people have been catching out there since I’ve been one of them for so long.  This, my friends, is a lovely little puppy drum.  He is the first legal size I’ve seen, and I’ll talk him!

*** There is something crazy weird about the puppy drum I caught.  CRAZY WEIRD.  I am saving that for tomorrow’s post.  Tomorrow I will reveal the truth about a great fisherman mystery.  DO come back.  The story is wild! ***

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  • Ron

    Katherine, for some reason the photo you posted is not showing.

    But CONGRATULATIONS on catching your first over 18 inches DRUM!

    You GO, girl!

    Woot! Woot! Woot!


    • Thank you for the head’s up…. I THINK I fixed it!!!

      • Ron

        You’re welcome, my friend.

        But I still can’t see it.

        • WHAT?! I wasn’t able to see it as well, and now I can. DARN! Can you clear your history and try again? Or if you have two browsers, use a different browser and let me know? You are my Ron Guinea Pig… THANK YOU!

          • Ron

            I tried it with both Chrome and IE, but I still can’t see it.

          • Banging my head against the wall and putting in a ticket to my hosting company. Thanks for your help Ron… you rock!

  • Mel

    Uh huh……..surrrrrre you caught the 18″ (and above) fishy. (Leastwise I think it’s a fishy….. LOL It’s all fishy if you ask me….LOLOL)


    • OK, this is PERFECT. I go on and on about a North Carolina Keeper Drum and the picture doesn’t show up. “How convenient……!” I fixed it though… there you are!

      • Mel

        Surrrrrrre you did. :-/

        It’s okay. WE believe you.

  • I can’t see the photo. [sad face]

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