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Shoot Me NowNational Face Your Fears Day…. AHHHHHH!!!!

National Face Your Fears Day…. AHHHHHH!!!!
Published on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 by

National “Face Your Fears Day.”  Yup, that was today!  First time I’ve ever heard of it.  The Kidd Kraddick morning show members talked about their own fears this morning, some of which I would not repeat here.  It made me think about my own fears and how they have changed over time.

My biggest fear as a child?  That evil PART WOLF PART MAN that lived down the street and would chase me over and over in my dreams.  I would get to the garage, run towards the door to the house and trip.  From there I began running in slow motion as he continued in fast.  Every time I reached the steps he would grab me from behind and I would wake up.

And did I mention the pirates that hung out just under my bedroom window?  They kept trying to get in at night.  <<shudder>>

As I grew older it was vampires.  Not sexy vampires.  Evil and frightening vampires that would chase me throughout my entire dream.  I think they would also show up in my room as I woke up, just to drill the fear as deep into my gut as they could.

But here I am now, at 43.  What do I fear now?  When it comes to my mom, brother and the kids, all you have to do is imagine every fear a mother/daughter/sister has about her loved ones and go with it.  I simply can’t write all that here – it is too frightening!

I fear my gastroparesis.  I really REALLY fear my gastroparesis.  I also fear cancer.  Four people in my family, three had cancer, one died.  Hmmm what are the odds?

So let’s get past all that and look at my other fears.  I fear getting old.  I have wrinkles around my lips, my eyes and damnit, I have to pluck hairs off of my face!  I look at my pictures and see a mere shadow of what I once was.  Youth is absolutely wasted on the young.

I fear one of my bosses.  I fear my constant lack of money.  I fear Sister Mary.  I fear someone will come into my house and see just how fallen apart and gross it is.  I fear those spiders that have their babies sit on their backs.  They look like huge spiders with undulating bodies – ACK!

And you know those zombie guys on “I Am Legend?”  When I let the dog out in the middle of the night, I turn the light on outside and peek – just in case they are in my back yard.  I guess things HAVEN’T changed that much!

Since it is National Face Your Fears day, I decided to face one of my fears.  I went to YouTube and found a video of… gulp… a wolf spider, carrying her babies.  My daughter watched the whole thing.  I watched with one eye, then no eyes, then went “AHHHHHHH!” but looked again, one eye, went “AHHHHHHH!,” squinted… ugh. But I did it!

So, now that I’ve bared my soul, what are YOU afraid of?  Snakes?  Clowns?  Weight gain?  Corn dogs?  I am AFRAID you won’t leave a comment and tell me!!!

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