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My Van is in a WHAT?
Published on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 by

As you may know, we were in the Outer Banks during part of Easter Break.  During our stay I proved that even away from home, I naturally gravitate towards embarrassing situations. 

We had cloudy skies for most of our stay, which in my house equates to bored children.  Which equates to fights.  Which equates to me MAKING them get out of the house.  

Off we go to the nature walk, teenagers included.  My mom had to run an errand, so she took my van while I began my walk with the kids. 

Just as we were coming back to the parking lot, my mother walked towards me.  After a quick sentence or two, she said something like, “I drove your van into a ditch.”  What? 

Now, my mother reads this blog, so I am going to stop right here for my disclaimer.  It was NOT my mother’s fault that the van went over a ledge.  Really.  A car was pulling out so she waited and then pulled into the spot.  Halfway into the spot, the front end of the van dropped. 

As you can see from the picture, there is a piece of wood hidden in the sand – and it is smack dab in the middle of the parking space!  The sand on top blends with the sand on the bottom, so there is almost an optical illusion in this space.  They should either fix this spot or put a sign right at the drop off, because I am 100% sure we were NOT the first people to get stuck there! 

Back to my story.  Crossing my fingers I put my incredibly high powered Nissan Quest (NOT) in reverse and put the petal to the medal.  I almost almost alllllmost made it up, but failed.  Looking over my shoulder, I could see a woman watching.  *embarrassing*  

So do you know what I did, a mature 43 year old adult?  I waited until she left before I tried again.  How stupid is THAT.

As soon as she left I whipped out the rubber floor mats, tucked them under each front tire and floored it in reverse.  rrrrrRRRRRRRRRR THUMP!  I did it!  Looking back, if I had carried out this plan in front of that lady, I would have looked like super woman, able to pull a minivan out of the sand in two seconds flat.  But NOOOooooo I had to be all embarrassed.  Missed my chance.

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