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My Roller Coaster View of Love’s First Kiss
Published on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 by

My oldest son is all about sports.  No time for girls.  Just sports.  This makes me a Happy Mama.


My 13 year old son – he is a different story.  He is the “middle child.”  He is unique.  He is funny.  He is an actor.  And… sigh… he “has a girlfriend.”

Last year during the final few weeks of school, my son announced he had a girlfriend.  My heart stopped as my feet locked into place.  Girl… friendddd….?  “Yup!  A girlfriend!”  He flashes me his gorgeous smile and walks away, shoulders squared back, walking just a bit more confident than before.  Sigh.  And so it begins.

This girlfriend/boyfriend relationship is about one phone call every two weeks, on HER part.  There was an attempted “group movie” with all the school kids, but that ended in a FAIL.  How much planning can 13 year olds really make?  I think my son is simply happy to have the title “Boyfriend” on his resume.

Thursday he called me and asked if he could stay the night at his friend’s house.  Then the following day was this friend’s pool party.  He would attend that, stay the night again and then I would be picking both up the following day so that the boy could stay at our house.  Follow all that?  If you are a mom I know you did.

When I picked the boys up and brought them home they immediately raced into the house calling my almost 16 year old’s name.  Hmm.  Something is going on.  Oh well, that’s private brother to brother guy stuff.  Let it go.

Later that evening all the “guys” were in the living room.  Said to my 13 year old, “Can we tell her!? Can we tell her!?”  Grin. Eye Twinkle.  “OK.”  Then simultaneously, all three boys looked at me and made kissy sounds.

Let’s pause for a minute.  Have you seen Parenthood with Steve Martin?  Do you remember when he rode a rollercoaster in the end?  That was me at that very moment.  I was on the rollercoaster.

“Yes!”  (big grin)  (eye twinkle)
“Yes!”  (big grin)  (eye twinkle)
“You had your first kiss?!”
“At the pool party!?”
“In the hall.   It was her idea!”

Picture three teenage boys grinning ear to ear, nodding so hard their heads were about to fall off.

I am stunned.  And not surprised.  My middle son has had his first kiss.  Sigh…. And so it begins.

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