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My Poor Son
Published on Saturday, November 17, 2007 by

SweatpantsMy son goes to a school that requires uniforms.  On the day he had physical education, he wore his green sweats with shorts underneath.  Later that day I was emptying out his backpack and pulled out his sweats for the wash.  As I took out his sweatpants, a pair of my good underwear fell out of the backpack and on to the floor. 

In disbelief I accusingly said, “Son, what in the world is my underwear doing in your backpack!?”  With great indignation, he retorted, “MOM!  What is your underwear doing in the leg of my sweats!”  My poor baby!  My unmentionables had attached to his sweats due to static cling during the drying cycle.  When he got to school, he discovered my underwear stuck to his sweats, causing more embarrassment for him than I even care to imagine!

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