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Shoot Me NowMy Brain Is A Scary Thing – But What DID That Dog Eat?

My Brain Is A Scary Thing – But What DID That Dog Eat?
Published on Monday, February 22, 2010 by

Self talk. We all do it.  Think about it – no pun intended.  Our minds are constantly chattering.  Picture yourself driving alone or trying to fall asleep.  Your brain is always noting things, thinking about things, questioning things – you are constantly talking to yourself.

Wait.  I am assuming an awful lot.  Maybe it’s just me.  Probably.  Yup, most likely.  OK, so I will rephrase that.  I hear my brain chatter all the time.  You know, just making note of things.  “Oh, that is so pretty.”  “I’m really tired.”  “If I repainted the living room, what color would I use?”

Driving home today, I began to think about, well, things I had thought about this weekend.  And then I imagined saying these things out loud to a stranger who might not know the context in which they were thought.  Surely I would be locked up.

So here are a few things that ran through my mind this weekend.

  • Apollo is sexy, but what’s with that ear?
  • Whoa, there are little creatures swimming in there.
  • Do lesbian couples HAVE to have a “who is the man and who is the woman” thing, or is that just something from TV?
  • They have a row of TIKI GUYS on their lawn!
  • Its 4:00 and I haven’t eaten anything today. Chalk one up for gastroparesis.
  • Holy CRAP, this is a FREAKING MASION!
  • Why do I have to struggle so much to simply buy groceries. I’m smart and I know how to make websites, so there has GOT to be a way to keep me from barely keeping my head above water.
  • Stupid Google.
  • That’s what she said.
  • I smell poop.
  • I want that cupcake SO BAD but it is Lent. I can’t eat the cupcake I can’t eat the cupcake I can’t eat the cupcake.
  • Why can’t anyone flush the toilet around here?
  • If I was gay I would so flirt with her.
  • I am eating a tarantula.
  • I have a strange change in my breast and they can’t get me in until March?!
  • I want to make more money so I can secretly give to other people.
  • He didn’t come home last night. YES!
  • That house has been empty for over a year.
  • I would do Johnny Depp even if he was dressed as the Mad Hatter.
  • I haven’t been on a curly slide in YEARS!
  • What did the dog eat that was red?

Seriously.  Are these things so important that my brain had to form an internal sentence about them?  If I had Tourette’s Syndrome I’d be in trouble.

I would LOVE for you to take a minute to think about what has run across YOUR mind in the last few days.  How bizarre, mundane or freakish has YOUR brain chatter been?  Extra points for honesty!

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