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Photo Challenge Day 26: Heart
Published on Friday, October 26, 2012 by

When I let the dogs out early this morning, I was stunned to find today’s challenge word just under my feet.  It was a brand new, dew-covered crop of mushrooms in the shape of a heart.  I was stunned by their beauty.

When I showed my daughter the picture, she said it did not look like a heart at all.  My co-worker didn’t see it either.  Neither did my oldest son.  Do you see it, or is it just me?

mushrooms like hearts

Then, on the way to school my daughter squealed, “There it is!  A heart!  Quick, put your camera out the window and take a picture before the light turns green!

And so, I give you my daughter’s heart.  Can you find it?

car magnet with paw

Then there is Fake Barbie, who believes she has finally met her Prince Charming.  Real Ken.  He was truly A REAL KEN.

“Real Ken, from the moment I first saw you I knew you were meant for me.  Can you save me from this downward spiral I seem to be caught in?  Oh please Real Ken.  Please!  Please accept this letter Q as a symbol of my heart.”

Fake Barbie Adventure

But wait… who is that coming up behind them???  And even worse, why does Ken look so much like Tom Cruise!  Fake Barbie, OPEN YOUR EYES!  RUN DAMMIT!  RUNNNNNNNN!

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