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And Then He Was Gone
Published on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 by

Only fate could have put me behind him.

Look at me.  Please turn around and look at me.  I have spent my entire life waiting for this moment. 

Pulling up to this car of all cars made me realize that life isn’t a series of random events.  It is not a web of chance, but a carefully spun web of purposeful happening upon happening upon happening.  And it all leads up to one moment of truth.

And here was my truth.  Right in front of me.

Perhaps it was the speed at which I followed him.  Or perhaps it was my insistence on capturing the moment on film.  Or could it have been my screaming out the window as I drove?

Either way, I learned one very important thing today.  Destiny can drive faster than me.  Much, much faster.

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