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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
Published on Friday, February 26, 2010 by

double chin

Day three with a sinus infection.  The last two days have resulted in a permanent butt mark in my couch.  And missed workouts.  And tons of snot.  Oh, are you still here?  I haven’t scared you off with images of my butt and boogers?  EXCELLENT.

The highlight of my sickness?  My sweet, innocent and not quite politically correct daughter.  Sitting on the couch next to me, enjoying a bit of Mom’s sick television.  I was quietly typing away, writing about my as seen on TV Touch N Brush, when Elizabeth made a joyous discovery and exclamation.

Me: Type type type.

Elizabeth, grinning happily: “MOM!  I just realized!  You have a double chin!”

Me, frozen in mid-type: Sigh.

mom blog

  • Kids. My son once said that I couldn’t go kayaking because I would sink the boat.

  • Oh kids! I hope that you get well soon. I have sniffles right now too and it’s really bugging me. Feel well. I like this short and simple post.

  • Jen

    I hope you feel better soon and get the snot and such over. My daughter told me just yesterday that she didn’t want to look like me if that meant she would have a big black mole on her face.

    I don’t have a big black mole on my face.

  • I am also suffering from sinus infection and its from past 2 weeks but I control it by taking some homeopathy medicines.

  • Oh, I do hope your sinus infection clears up soon. Those can be very painful! Feel better soon.

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