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It’s Just a Flesh Wound!
Published on Saturday, March 29, 2014 by

It was 7:58 in the morning.  I was stopped in traffic, slowly making my way to work.  My eyes turned left, only to see a Knight locked out of his house.  At 7:58 in the morning.  Why not?

Grabbing my cell phone, I took two quick shots.  This particular Knight was attempting to open the door of his castle.  He fussed with the lock, got frustrated and began to pace.  However, being the brave Knight that he was, he came back for another shot.  Still no luck.

knight's costume

monty python costume

It was then that I had to move on.

I chuckled about this bizarre scene for the rest of the day.  Was this guy coming in from a “knight” on the town?  Was his Lady angry with him, changing the locks before dawn?  Or had he traveled forward in time to the year 2014, only to be challenged by our modern door keys?

Furthermore, did he leave the house as a Knight the evening before?  Or did he wake in a drunken stupor only to find himself dressed in this gear.  Had he been to The Round Table Strip Club, hoping to get Ye Old Lap Dance?  Or had he been partying all night with the local King Arthur Reenactment Club.

I gained further entertainment from these pictures after posting them on Facebook:monty python quotes

My amusement was completely realized when I noticed that this Knight was truly a throw back to the great Monty Python era.  Because there, just below him, was a shrubbery.

shrubbery python

mom blog

  • Ron

    ” I noticed that this Knight was truly a throw back to the great Monty Python era. Because there, just below him, was a shrubbery.”

    Bwhahahahhaahha! OMG Katherine…that was HILARIOUS!

    And it blows me away that you were able to get these brilliant shots as he was trying to get into his house. You’re like an Live Action News Reporter!

    Loved the Facebook comment about the ‘chastity’ belt!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend, girl!

  • Hysterical!!! I am also amazed that you were able to get such great pictures while driving by. Wouldn’t we all love to hear the real story behind that. Maybe he and the princess that lives there have had a little tiff. No matter what he story is. it would suck to be a Knight begging for entrance to the castle in broad daylight.

  • I bet he was thankful for a little bit of cover there. Maybe he was locked out all day and had to go around dressed like that. Hilarious!

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Are you sure he wasn’t one of Robin Hood’s merrie men? Perhaps he was trying to rob the rich!

    Made me laugh though, especially the shrubbery. Then I started looking for lupins …

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