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Mom Goes EMO
Published on Monday, June 22, 2009 by

This week I am going Emo.  That is according to my 13 year old.  And darn the luck, he is right! 

This is the official “Boy Scout Camping” week.  Every year it looms over me as summer approaches.  Every year I make sure my boys have their gear, new clothing, bug spray (non aerosol, thank you very much) and suntan lotion.  I make sure they have plenty of whitey tighties, all of which are returned in an unused form.  (AND I was informed that gosh Mom, it should have been BOXERS!) 

By the end of last week the care package was complete, the backpack was full and my son had his physical form completed.  Listed on the wall calendar in the kitchen was, “Boys Away at Camp,” which I saw my 13 year old had changed to, “Mom’s Emo Week.”  They don’t forget, do they? 

This year is a bit different.  My soon to be 16-year-old opted out.  He has gone every year since he started boy scouts, but the teenager has emerged and apparently he is “just over summer camp.”  I was sorry to hear this, but I had to respect it.  My son is crossing the teenage-adult line and needs to be able to make some important decisions at this stage of development. 

So I have one of the boys home.  I thought this might make it easier.  But noooooOOOOOOOO.  There is a very empty void in the house.  A void that is normally filled with the most amazing, funny and unpredictable 13 year old boy you can imagine.  Having just one gone is almost harder than having both gone. 

I have my calendar filled.  Tonight I will worry if he used suntan lotion during his lifesaving course.  Tomorrow night I will worry about ticks and if he will get Lyme disease.  Wednesday I’ve penciled in my “tearing up at the dinner table because I miss my boy” episode.  Thursday night I will worry about if he has had enough to eat.  AND if he is still wearing suntan lotion and bug spray.  Friday?  EXCITEMENT… tomorrow he comes home!  Finally, Saturday morning will be, “Oh my goodness, he is on the road with someone else driving. What if something happens?”   

Saturday afternoon I will jump for joy when I get the official phone call.  Twenty minutes from the school!  I will wait with great anticipation for the caravan to arrive.  Then when I see him I plan to give him a big fat hug in front of everyone.  And you know what?  He will let me do that.  Because he is one of those great kids that likes to make people happy.  And it will make him happy too.  And that is why I miss him. 

Later that Saturday I will kindly ask him to take a shower and use deodorant.  I will check for ticks and make sure he checks for ticks “elsewhere.”  I will take all seven pairs of unused underwear out of his sack and put them in his drawer.  Then every time I see him in the hall I will try and hug him, by then aggravating him to no end. 

So my calendar is filled.  I am Emo all the way.  I miss my son.  I miss him badly.  I am happy he is on his own, making his own decisions and showing some independence.  I am trying to do the proverbial “raise them so they can leave you” routine as they grow.  But… sniff…. I miss my boy.

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