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Ralph and the Magic Carpet
Published on Saturday, June 9, 2012 by

Magic carpets.  One pictures a beautiful princess riding over dark skies abundant with stars and magic.  Or perhaps a mysterious male stranger, with jet black hair and piercing eyes as dark as night.

When imagining magic carpets, one does not normally see the following image.

Middle Eastern Music

Are they serious?  Ralph from New Jersey, minus his ice cold Schlitz.  I’m not sure what Ralph did, but whatever it was, he sure did score.

This picture is screaming for a caption.  Any takers?

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  • Ron

    Katherine, this cracked me up…..

    “Ralph from New Jersey, minus his ice cold Schlitz. ”


    And I love that the album cover says, “High Fidelity!” OMG…I haven’t seen or heard of that in AGES!

    Have an awesome Saturday, my friend!


  • OMG! That is hysterical!! I’m laughing too hard to think up a caption… I’ll try later, when I finally settle down!

  • Tami Von Zalez

    You should get 500 points just for finding that image!


  • That photo is hysterical!  Ralph from New Jersey, huh?

  • If you’re gonna dream, dream BIG.

  • As I can’t make out anything on this cover, other than ‘The Magic Carpet’ and the unforgettable photo, I have decided my eyes are worse than I thought!  Maybe I should be glad?

  • Ralph couldn’t help but wonder if their carpet matched their drapes.

    • OH MY GOODNESS… I have just about fallen on the the floor laughing my brain out.  Why can’t I be that clever!!!!!

      • I think I might have been working at it a little longer. I’m an old fart, eh.

    • OK you are going to laugh at my stupidity. I was writing a comment with your posting name in it… and after seeing it ALL THIS TIME, I realized it is “NO NAME DUFUS.”  AFTER ALL THIS TIME….. I AM AN IDIOT!!!!  LOLOLOLOL ROFLMAO!

      • Yeah, some people thought I was a distant cousin of Nostradamus but, yes, some time ago I got awfully tired of leaving the name “John” to comment. There are so many of us out there it’d already be taken so I’d be like John38 or John43 or something. So out of frustration on day I wrote Noname Dufus and the rest is history! 

      •  Katherine, THAT IS HILARIOUS!

    •  LOLZ @ John! Ahahahahahhahah

  • Great poster!  Come ride the friendly skies.

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