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Meleah, You’ve Been Roasted!
Published on Sunday, June 24, 2012 by

Blog Writing Challenge, Day 24.  Roast or Toast another blogger.  I would say… job complete!

Meleah, hope you aren’t allergic!  XXXOOO!

Meleah Rebeccah Hawthorne

mom blog

  • Ron

    OMG, Katherine….that is so FUNNY!!!!!!


    Well done! 

    And cheers to Meleah!


  • That is hysterical!!!! LOVE IT!!

  • Ha ha ha ha! Fantastic!

  • OMG, Katherine! That’s insanely twistedly funny!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!

  • OMG. Perfectly done. Or should I say perfectly WELL done. 

  • AHAhHAHhHAhHHAHhHahahHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHahHAhahHAhahHhaHAhaHHAhaHAHHhHAhHHhAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhshshshshhshhhshshshshhahhahahahahahahha

  • Very well done, indeed.  

  • I Love this. Very creative. Gave me a great giggle. LOLLOLOLOL !!!

  • Greatest post EVER!  Love it!

  • That’s funny!

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