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Shoot Me NowMcDonald’s vs Wendy’s – The Game is On!

McDonald’s vs Wendy’s – The Game is On!
Published on Monday, June 1, 2009 by

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I was blessed with the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with my middle child yesterday.  We dropped my daughter off at a party and then went to Grandma’s to take care of a job for her.  Following that came my son’s favorite – Wendy’s.  No drive thru for us, as I wanted to sit face to face and just talk while we enjoyed our lunch. 

When it comes to this particular son, you never know what will come out of his mouth.  He is funny, smart and so unpredictable that you often have to worry about the next thing he will do – especially if he is in front of a crowd.  This child will go places – maybe even on the drive over to Hollywood. 

As we ate, he pointed out the McDonald’s across the street.  The ultimate competition.  Wendy’s vs. McDonald’s – the game is on.  We started to ponder just how that war would go. 

Looking across, we decided that the “O” in McDonald’s was a canon.  The flagpole clicks to the right or left as the cannonballs are shot across the street to Wendy’s.  My son began to describe the battle in detail.  Notice the eagle on top of the flagpole?  Someone climbs to the top and holds each wing, pulling them back to begin rapid fire on the enemy. 

An employee then sneaks behind the bushes with a stack of drink cups.  He pulls back on the stack and fires cups one by one.  The cups have straws in them.  As the Wendy’s employees run toward the McDonald’s, the cups are fired.  The straws go through their clothes, pinning them to the wall.  We won’t even talk about the catsup packets! 

Finally, my son says, “And did you notice the urgent care center next door to McDonald’s?  It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?”  This was said with an incredibly straight face.  He absolutely cracks me up. 

This was the highlight of my weekend.  Sitting with my boy, no distractions, no electronics – just plain old wonderful conversation.  Not that a battle plan between Wendy’s and McDonald’s is an everyday conversation, but nothing ever is with him.  And for that I’m grateful.

On a sidenote:  As promised, here is my recipe for bubble tea!

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