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Once a Mom, Always a Mom!
Published on Sunday, April 17, 2016 by

This weekend I was honored to be the guest of my new dear friend Amy Roberts once again. Amy took my daughter and me to The Maymont in Richmond. I don’t believe I have ever visited such a dynamic and unique park!

I have some amazing photos I will be sharing over the next post or two. But today I think I will start with my favorite surprise picture.

The Japanese Garden in the park included a stunning waterfall that cascades over layers of climbable rocks. My daughter immediately made her way to the top while Amy and I stood halfway up taking in the people and the view. That was when we noticed a father who had two young girls with him.

While the older one climbed, he stayed with his youngest who was a tiny little thing with wobbly feet and a nervous look in her eye. I’m sure Dad is a wonderful father, but at that moment his eye was wandering as his youngest shuffled and teetered near the edge of a wet, slippery drop-off.

Both of us nervously watched, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.  Fortunately after a few good scares, Dad took the girls down safely

Later that night as we shared pictures, my daughter sent me a surprise. During the time we Moms were watching in horror as the little one threatened to slip, she had taken a panorama shot with her iPod. She hadn’t realized we were in her shot. As she zoomed in she discovered the very moment Amy and I had both gasped.

Here is my daughter’s full picture:

waterfall at Maymont

Here is the closeup of us watching the little girl:

horrified mothers

When my daughter showed us the picture we laughed out loud.  It doesn’t matter how old your children get. Once a Mom, always a Mom!

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