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Shoot Me NowWildlife of Corolla… Getting Wild!

Wildlife of Corolla… Getting Wild!
Published on Sunday, May 21, 2017 by

This weekend brought hot weather, sun and Outer Banks wildlife for about four hours.  Then the weather turned cold and windy.  But no matter.  Corolla is beautiful in all types of weather.

The rabbit population in Corolla, NC is certainly healthy this year.  This little one hops around the back of our house and eats grass and red berries.

rabbit eating berries

I love this picture because you can actually see my mother’s house in the rabbit’s eye!

outer banks rabbit

This boat was so loud we heard it before seeing it.  I would love to know what they use the boat for.

loud obx boat

These women passed by us, and as they did I inquired, “What is that lady carrying in her hand?”  All of us stared with our sadly aging eyes.  Is it a shell?  A piece of drift wood?  WHAT IS IT?!”  That was when my friend jumped to her feet and chased them down the beach.  She ran up behind them, swung past them and moved to the front to spy.  That’s my girl!  When she returned she reported, “It is some kind of bag so we will never know!”  DOH!

outer banks beach walk

This is a loon that was diving under water to catch crabs for lunch.  Loons do not walk well on the sand but need a resting period after swimming.  I have seen loons drag themselves up the beach and sit for hours on end.  They look like they are sick or injured while they rest.  If you see a loon on the beach, ask bystanders to keep their distance so the loon can relax and prepare for its next dive.

loon preening

outer banks loon

loon in the water

funny loon

bird sitting on beach

ocean diving bird

At first I thought this ghost crab was carrying a dead crab in to its den for dinner.  Cue the music and lower the lights.  This is actually how ghost crabs reproduce!

crabs mating

how ghost crabs reproduce

The male was doing his best to look bright and attractive because frankly, the female was a little crabby.

mom blog

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