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It Has Come Down To This
Published on Saturday, August 20, 2011 by

When I was young, I remember hearing my mother cry out, “Why isn’t anything ever my own?!”  My response would be to roll my eyes.  But now, I get it.  To the point of crying out the same words when looking for a simple match to my own socks.

Indeed, only three days after buying my last bag of socks, ALL WERE GONE.  Why isn’t anything ever my OWN!?

So now, it has come down to this:

matching socks

I gazed upon my new handiwork in sadness and disbelief, until I put two of the socks together:

how to match socks

Which reminded me of these babies that I rocked in a Payless Shoe Store.  Much to the delight of my children and the cashier, who laughed almost as hard as I:

F Me Shoes

My son?  “Mom, WOW.”  And then he picked me up off of the floor.

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  • Bwahahahahahaha.  If you had boys this wouldn’t be a problem.  Just saying.

    Have a terrific day.   🙂

  • Ron

    MOM WOW.

    Katherine, that’s HYSTERICAL!

    And absolutely BRILLIANT!  You GO, girl!

    And I ADORE those shoes! Love the platform soles and those HIGH spiky heels. Did you end up getting them? Payless is my favorite shoe store because I have found the best leather dress shoes for work that look like Kennenth Cole, but a million times cheaper.

    Yay Payless!

    Have a great weekend!

  • LOLOL!
    If you’re going to wear shoes like that, you’re not allowed to walk. You just have to stand there, k?

    You ARE a WOW MOM!

    • Ha ha I couldn’t walk in those shoes even if someone offered me a million dollars!!! I fall all the time – I don’t need help by wearing foot high shoes…. LOL!

  • Did you buy them? Please tell me you bought them!!

    • Nicky, I am awful and you will never talk to me again. I didn’t buy the shoes. I am a chicken who can’t even walk in tennies w/o falling. LOL!

  • please tell me you bought those shoes?! they are very sexy! And I’m sure NO ONE in your house will borrow /steal them from you!

    • HA HA I bet one of the boys would eventually try them on as a joke… LOL! OK maybe not. No, didn’t buy them because I am SO not coordinated… i would kill myself in those! 😉

  • Gino Madjus

    that shoes is pain in the foot LOL…. 🙂

  • Wow…I mean Ow.  Cute but painful.

    • Ha ha! I actually could never EVER walk in things like that… I put them on for a joke with the kids… I would fall the minute I tried to walk out the door in them!!! How do women WEAR those things!!!!

  • Those shoes are insane! And does the dryer eats your socks too? Or are they just STOLEN from your housemates?

    • The dryer actually is never hungry for my socks… it is (insert evil voice here) THE CHILDREN! LOL!

  • interesting to your child arrives, and a lot of socks so he painted?

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