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The Mass Exodus of Hampton Roads
Published on Friday, February 14, 2014 by

Today is day 14 of the WWFC Writing Challenge, bringing us the subject, “It has to be aliens.”  On the way to school yesterday I asked my daughter if she had any ideas on the subject.

Not two seconds after I brought is up, we found ourselves at a stoplight staring at the VERY subject of today’s challenge.  Grabbing my cell phone, we snapped a picture, giving me the perfect inspiration for this post.

Evacuate Hampton Roads

The city was in a panic.  That does not say much, considering schools are shut down when more than an inch of snow hits the ground.  But a lack of fresh water and electricity would panic even the best of cities, as far as she was concerned.

Christy glanced at the time.  Her car had not moved an inch in the last fifteen minutes.  With only a few tunnels leading out of Hampton Roads, she knew she was in for  hours of traffic.  Sensing her worry, Christy’s dog nuzzled her free hand while nervously wagging his tail.

Christy reassured him by scritching under his collar until his back leg began to twitch.  “It’ll be OK Jack.  We’ll get out of here eventually.  I’m sure there is fresh water and power just west of Richmond.”

Funny, she always thought there would be mass exodus issues due to a hurricane.  Tainted water and no electricity was nothing she had ever dreamed of.  Both of them were always just… there.

It started only two days ago, when tap water appeared to be slightly brown.  At first, people chalked it up to flushing the main water lines or Chesapeake water leaking in to other systems.  But when the water became thick, explanations were thrown out as panic set in.

The slightly brown color soon became green, slowly oozing out of faucets and spigots all around the 757.  Nothing was more offensive, however, than the smell that exuded from this slimy mess.

A day later, the electricity shut off.  Not just a power outage here or there.  ALL THE ELECTRICITY SHUT OFF.  No lights, no power, no nothing.  Rumor has it many saw red smoke coming from their outlets before it all went down.  Tainted water.  Red smoke.  Electrical failure.  None of it made sense.

Sighing, Christy glanced to the left.  That was when it all became clear.  Sucking in her breath, she whispered to herself, “It has to be aliens!”

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