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Mary Kay Saves the Day!
Published on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 by


I always rolled my eyes when I heard my mom say that.  I mean, please.  She had the whole house to call her own… whatever did she mean?

Now?  I KNOW.

I find my things on the floor of rooms throughout the house.  My favorite dishes broken.  When I sit down with a special treat to eat, it is eyed so longingly I simply pass the plate over.

With great shock, I now find myself mumbling, “IS NOTHING IN THIS HOUSE MY OWN?!”

And that is EXACTLY what I said on Christmas Eve when I went for my (running low) mascara. And found my daughter had put water in it, making it useless.

It was Christmastime.  I was getting ready for Christmas Mass.  I would remain calm.  (Is NOTHING in this house my own!?)

And then it happened.  A true Christmas Miracle.  My daughter opened the bathroom door and said, “Mom?  This box just came for you.”

Puzzled, I opened it to find two Mary Kay lip gloss colors AND A TUBE OF BRAND NEW LASH LOVE MASCARA.

What were the odds?!  Mary Kay… THANK YOU.

The mascara?  Excellent.   Mary Kay mascara goes on quickly, evenly and gives me beautifully long lashes.

mary kay mascara review

But the Nourishine Plus Red Passion lip gloss?  It is to DIE for.  I gave up on lip gloss years ago.  They usually look nice in the bottle but come out sticky and gooey on your lips.  Furthermore, most taste horrible.  The Nourishine?  It is glossy, tastes good, it is red…AND IT HAS SPARKLES!  YES, SPARKLES!

So my daughter and I rocked it on Christmas Eve with our new makeup.  Yes, I shared it.  Nothing in this house is my own.  Even my new Mary Kay. And for now, that’s OK.

Christmas Mass

Yes, I snuck a picture in church. It was BEFORE Mass started. Or WAS it?

P.S. Yes, my Bloom theme is STILL broken… thanks to the new WordPress upgrade. I won’t be able to change my theme for another week.. hang tight all!

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  • Mel

    Oh dearheart……NOTHING is sacred in a house with kiddos attached. That’s one of the joys of the ’empty nest’.
    Well, it’s sorta ‘joyful’……it’s nice to be able to actually FIND the slip you need for the skirt you planned to wear. Walking up to the girl, demanding she hand it over and watching her whip it off WAS quite funny! Sorta…….LOLOL

  • Ron

    Yaaaaaaaaay…I was so glad to see that you had posted today, Katherine, because I was thinking of you yesterday and was going to send you an email today to see how you were doing.

    LOVE the look of your lashes! And your lip gloss. Years ago, I used a men’s cologne from Mary Kay (although I can’t remember the name) and I really liked it!

    Hope you’re having a FAB week, my friend!


  • Everything in my house is mine! Can you tell I was an only child? 😉

  • Mmmm. Nice eyes! Nice red, shiny, sparkly lips! 🙂

    Enjoy the kids and the craziness. It goes by pretty quickly, and then you miss it!

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Aaah, how nice!! And yes, the lip gloss does look good!

    I seem to remember my Mum saying the same thing, but I never stole her makeup. For one thing I would not have DARED, and for another, it was in very oldfashioned colours!!

  • Unfortunately, almost everything in my house belongs to me. Which means I can’t demand that anyone else clean up this mess! Damn! Then again, maybe if I got some shiny lip gloss…

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