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Vibration, Mandolin Style
Published on Saturday, October 6, 2012 by

Day something-or-other of the photo challenge, with the theme “Vibration.”  The biggest things I learned during this particular “shoot?”

  1.  No matter how much you try to clean the dust off a mandolin, it won’t come off.
  2. After two adult beverages, you really don’t care.

But I got the vibration!

mandolin strings

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  • Mel

    *laughing* Well, for not caring, you certainly accomplished the good vibrations! (with the photo and with the adult beverages….LOL)

    • Paula Wooters

      Adult beverages help a lot with this photo challenge!

  • Ah, at first I didn’t see it, but now looking at it again, I do. Nice.

  • so many musicians in this group!

  • Impressive. How do you folks blog and take pictures and have time for instruments. I have a half-inch of dust on my guitar case.

    • Paula Wooters

      We all have a half-inch of dust on our instrument cases, Jamie!

  • Nice one, Katherine!

  • Paula Wooters

    Score one for Katherine! With all of us who used instruments for this one, we could start our own band!

    • Paula Wooters

      Let me clarify… if any of us could actually play decently, we could start a band.

  • Ron

    “2. After two adult beverages, you really don’t care.”

    Bwhahahahahahahaha! To funny!!!!

    Great shot, Katherine! Love the composition!


  • And how’s the music after 2 adult beverages?

  • Barb

    what an awesome shot!

  • most excellent!

  • Love the shot! Now my question is, Do you play it better after the adult beverages or before???

  • Dust. The same goes for all my instruments. They are dust magnets!

  • Hah, perfect! And we all know what my piano looks like so I wouldn’t worry about a little dust, if I were you… I’m off to have an adult beverage.

  • Echoing Ziva’s hah.

    Nicely executed, not in a dark way. I thought it was day something, too.

  • Hehe @ adult beverages. I am going to start using that.

  • ladyV

    sweet! good job on this one.

  • .Lovely photo of an instrument I love, with or without the adult bevs!

  • MikeWJ

    My grandfather played the mandolin. Also, he loved adult beverages. What a weird coincidence.

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