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Shoot Me NowMake a Mother of the Year Video – It’s GREAT!

Make a Mother of the Year Video – It’s GREAT!
Published on Thursday, May 7, 2009 by

For anyone who knows a mom out there, you have GOT to see this.  I received a link to a video in my email from a friend at work.  The video was custom made with my name, and had me laughing out loud.  Apparently, I was awarded the Mother of the Year by CNNBC.  Bet you didn’t know that, did you? 

Now YOU can make someone else laugh.  Simply type in your mother or friend’s name and email address, and the program will do the rest.  Your mom will receive a video link in her email that will take her to a news story, “all about her.”  Included in the video are cameos by the Octomom and even Branjelina – all jealous, of course. 

This is simply genius.  Why didn’t I think of it?  Oh wait, maybe because I don’t have my own video editing room.  But that’s OK.  Maybe next year. 

Here is the link for the Mother of the Year Award Video.  Have fun!

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