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Lush Haiku, French Style!
Published on Friday, February 8, 2013 by

*** IMPORTANT ALERT***  I wrote this and scheduled it before I saw Nicky wrote texting Haiku.  How embarrassing.  But it is late and I’m tired.  My bad, Nicky!  Day eight of the WWFC blog writing challenge brings the subject “French.”  I think it is time to reveal the monkey on my back.  My addiction.  My downfall.  My name is Katherine Murray, and I am a Lushaholic.

MacArthur Center Lush Store

Today I went to Lush.

Stinky soaps, lotions, potions and shampoo bars.

Smelling like a French Whore!


fake barbie

Waaaait… could it be? Is that her? Has Fake Barbie returned!?


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