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Can A Fish Live With A Hook In It?
Published on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 by

I promised I would tell you something “crazy weird” about the puppy drum I caught this weekend.  And that I could prove or disprove an old fisherman’s story.  Day 13 of NaBloPoMo gives me an opportunity to tell you a fish tale.  But a TRUE one!  Honest!

How many of you have heard that a fish can live with a hook in it?  “Your fish swallowed the hook?  Just throw it back – the hook will rust and disappear!  The fish will be FINE.  Don’t worry!”

I always thought, “Yea right.  The hook will just rust and go away.  Surrreeeeeeee.”


*Note*  If you do not fish, you may not want to read further.  I’m just sayin’.

When I held my fish for a picture, I noticed a four-inch long piece of fishing line coming out of his… well… oh heck, out of his BUTT.  A completely different color from the line I had on my own rod.

While I was cleaning it I carefully followed the line through the guts and found what I expected might be inside.  Sure enough, inside the fish was a jighead.  A JIGHEAD.  I was astounded.  How did this guy survive with such a thing inside of him!

As I continued to clean the fish I found something even more unexpected.  His stomach was huge.  Bigger than any I’ve seen before.  Carefully, I opened it up to discover its contents.  (I TOLD you not to read this if you do not fish!)

What did I find?  The shad that at one time was attached to the jighead.  I was stunned.  How in the world did this fish live with a hook, artificial bait and fishing line inside of him?  How did food pass through him?  How did he even swim?

inside fish stomach

With this, I realized I knew the answer to an age-old question.  Can a fish really live with a hook inside of him?  Apparently yes.  And the artificial bait to boot.

Could he have lived much longer?  I seriously doubt it.  There isn’t any way he could have kept going long enough for the jighead to rust.  But after having seen this unbelievable abnormality, I honestly believe a fish could live a full life with a simple hook inside of him.

That is your science lesson for today.  Each and every one of you get an A+!

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  • Ron

    HOLY COW, Katherine….that artificial bait is HUGE! When I first saw it I thought it was actually a fish!

    Btw, I was able to view your photo, so whatever was wrong is fixed.

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Have a great day, girl!

  • “Can a fish really live with a hook inside of him? Apparently yes. And the artificial bait to boot.”

    What? OMG. I had NO IDEA!

  • I don’t fish and I have always worried for fish that have been hooked and thrown back. Of course, I feel worse for the ones that aren’t thrown back.

    I consider you fearless. I, on the other hand, am I woose.

  • Mel

    Wow…..we can see the bait and the hook….notsomuch the fishie! LOL That’s okay. The good news the fishie WAS alive.
    Bad news……notsomuch any more.

    Poooooor fishie….

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