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You Know Your Car’s Bass Is Loud Enough When..
Published on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by

funny car video

I wish I could have gotten more on film, but I had to wipe up the blood that was streaming out of my ears.

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  • I'm thinking there is a while generation of children, driving around in their cars with the bass up so loud it hurts the ears of people in other cars, that I want to get their hearing tested at 45. Seriously, most will be in some serious trouble. Their children will be happy as they will be able to sneak in and out of their houses without any difficulty but oh well.


    • Seriously… you think the same way! I have followed cars where MY windows and THEIR windows are closed and I literally have to put my hands over my ears… because it physically HURTS my ears. I think, “what is it doing to THEIR ears!??” You know what I bet. I bet those guys put earplugs in and just drive around trying to LOOK cool… hmmm what do you think? I should tell my oldest son to go into the ENT business for sure…. he will be making LOTS of money with all those deaf middle aged people!

  • Jeannie

    I don't want to comment here….I have 3 boys. And I am not dumb enough to think “mine would never do that” !!!!!! I was just glad to see that car was not silver in color and I just went up to the university and visited my youngest at school!!! ROCK ON…….teeheehee

    • Thanks for giving me the great laugh! My boys tend to do everything I think they will never do… sighhhh

  • Wow, that is probably what my car sounds like.

  • I wonder what the average age is when young people begin to realize that blasting your music this loudly is one of the least impressive things you could do.

  • Damn! I love some loud music once in a while, but this is over the top!

  • Wow. I can't see how music can be enjoyable at that point.

    Years ago, a friend of mine and myself caught The Black Crows at a theatre in Boston. It was so loud that it took 3 songs before our ears adjusted. Then we couldn't hear properly for 2 days. Ah, youth!

  • I'm with Mike. They aren't listening to the music so much as seeing who has the biggest dick, stereophonically speaking.

    • Exactly!

    • MAJOR MAJOR LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! What if the music vibrates the junk right off!!

  • Good lord!

  • Ok, while I've never had the music up loud enough to rattle the gas tank open, I do admit that when I'm alone in the car, I do have the music blaring so I can sing at the top of my lungs without actually hearing my own horribly off-key voice! 🙂

  • GHDstraightener

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  • Wow. The guy owns a BMW, but he's still tasteless enough to turn his bass up that much?

    • I didn't notice the bmw! Of course my eyeballs were rattling in my brain… it looked like Yugo to me LOL!

  • This post is a winner! Love the tips and everything you suggest.. Thanks

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