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My Love, Will You Forgive Me?
Published on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 by

funny russian singer

You might recall my December declaration of love for one of the most amazing men I have ever laid eyes on.  I’m afraid I have shocking news for you.  SOMEONE IS MAKING FUN OF MY MAN!

You can just imagine my horror when my son showed me this Lord of the Rings Youtube video.  MY MAN.  MADE FUN OF.  ON THE INTERNET.

Oh the horror.

OK, I’ll admit it.  When I saw this video I laughed so hard that milk came out of my nose.  Milk I had enjoyed in third grade.  Perhaps my Russian singer has a sense of humor.  Forgive me love.  Forgive me.

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  • I never saw Lord of the Rings but I did enjoy how the looks of horror were closely tied to the different tones.  Although the ending was kind of gross.

  • Ron

    Okay, first I clicked back on the link you left us so I could see who were referring to as the Russian singer. Then, when I watched this video….I HOWLED!!!


  • Impetua

    I loved this Russian guy from the start, although, not in “THAT” way. 

    But this.  This is funny!

  • ahahahahahhah!! toooo funny! ahahahhaah!

  • Hey,nice video. I like this. I had seen the movie lord of rings.I enjoy at the time of watching this video. .Its good.Thanks for sharing this article with us.I like this.Keep sharing with us.

  • David G Hodder

    What wonderful fun and such a lovely sense of humour.  Just keep writing!

    David Hodder.

  • David G Hodder

    Forgot to say – reply to Katherine, “My love, will you forgive me?”

    So I will repeat my message:-  What wonderful fun and such a lovely sense of humour.  Just keep writing!

    David Hodder.

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