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Is There Still Good In The World?
Published on Saturday, March 12, 2011 by

This has been a year of financial downs, to say the least.  Top it off with poor health and you’ve got yourself a “throw your hands up in the air” kind of run.  Have you ever had to borrow money from your kids?  Because my oldest has become my new financial institution.  For this I am not proud.

It all came to a head this week when my gas tank was once again on “E” as I drove my youngest to school.  “Honey, we have to get some gas on the way.  I’ll be quick.”  I pulled up and dug for my debit card.  Which was nowhere to be found.  I keep both my driver’s license and my debit card in a card holder which at that point was apparently gone from this world.  Oh boy.

I prayed my car would keep going as I dropped off my daughter, then continued to pray as I drove back home.  Time to hit my son’s bank in order to make it to work.  Late.  After racing through the house looking for my cards I soon realized they were indeed completely lost.  Holding my head down I walked to my son’s room, only to find his money had been moved.  I sat down on the floor and cried.

Another prayer resulted in success.  I grabbed a $10 bill, hit the gas station and raced to work.  Late, but I made it.  But where was my driver’s license?  Where was my debit card?  When did I last see them?  It was going to be a “pray to St. Anthony night,” the minute I got home.

Catholics often pray to St. Anthony to find lost things.  I have heard countless stories of prayers being immediately answered, and have experienced it often myself.   After looking in the same place over and over, I will pray to St. Anthony to help me find a lost item and BAM! – there it is in the same spot I had been looking in.  So I got to praying.

Unfortunately I soon realized the cards were pretty much gone.  I would not be able to get cash, write checks or drive with a license.  Again, hands up in the air.  That night I was on facebook and posted the following:

“I need help from those who pray to St. Anthony! I lost my card holder yesterday. Now I don’t have a debit card OR a driver’s license. So I can’t even write a check in a store (no ID) or get cash (no debit card or ID for the bank). I’ve been praying to St. Anthony all night. So far no luck. I am desperate. Can the St. Anthony prayer people say some prayers to him that I find it? THANK YOU!”

The MINUTE I clicked “SHARE” and it hit my wall, I noticed a red notification over the messages icon.  I clicked on the message and saw a stranger’s name.  Who was that?  His message read,

“My mother in law found ur wallet. Please give us a call so we can get it back to you. XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

This message was NOT in Facebook before I added my post.  Amazing.

Apparently I dropped my card holder in a Walmart parking lot.  A wonderful and honest woman found it and told her son-in-law about it.  He searched for my name on Facebook, found me and contacted me right away.  He didn’t steal my identity.  He didn’t sell my information.  He simply did the right thing.  There are still good people in this world.

When I picked it up I shared my regret that I had no reward money.  He shook his head immediately, showing me that wasn’t even on his mind.  “But,” I said… “On a whim yesterday I bought a lottery ticket with a dollar in change I had in the car.  You need to take it and I hope you win a million dollars.”  He smiled and went back inside.

Today, I hope he is a millionaire.  But I suspect his life would not change much if he was.  Because he and his family already have hearts of gold.

There is still good in this world, everyone.  There is still a whole lot of good.  I am one lucky woman.  Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for finding and returning my cards.  May your lives be blessed with health and great happiness, always.  And St. Anthony?  YOU ROCK!

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  • There is still a lot of good, and good people in the world. The ones who don’t see it are just looking at all the things wrong with it. I prefer to focus on the good things. It won’t make the bad things go away, but I feel better.

    • Yes, you are so right. I can easily fall in to the “why is everything so awful in this world” mode – at least I did when I watched the local news. But I have now dumped the news (always BAD!) and try to look for the good always. I do pretty well but every once in a while I forget. And then… something wonderful happens to remind me! 🙂

  • Lindamcornell

    OMGosh, I know what you mean about seaching, and searching, then deciding to pray. As if we know more about our lost stuff than God, St. Anthony, or the people on Facebook!

    I can hear the gratitude and relief in your words, and I’m so happy for you that things worked out. A great and inspiring story… : )

    • I always forget to pray… and then I get frustrated and finally go, “duhhhh… PRAY!” I need to remember to pray more often – when I DON’T need help!

  • Whew!
    Glad you found your debit card. Now I hope there’s some money in the account! 🙂

  • That is such a great story. I often wonder if there any good left in the world and then something like that will happen as a kind of reminder that there is. I feel so glad you came across some honest, kind people. Awesome!

    • I still think it is amazing that someone would dive through facebook to find me, simply to return something. Funny how the internet works nowadays… and how wonderful these people helped me!! 🙂

  • Jay of the Depp Effect

    What a heartwarming story, Katherine!! I’m so glad you got your cards and ID back!

    I’ve been where you are, scraping down the back of the sofa for any small change, searching pockets for coins to get a loaf of bread or something before ‘payday’ (housekeeping money in my case). I’ve lost handbags c/w cards, purse, etc. I’ve had perfect strangers pay for my parking ticket on finding me standing in front of the machine searching for coins.

    And I’ve always returned things I find, from credit cards to cash – although in the case of cash it’s a case of taking it to the police station and hoping. And you know what? Whenever I’ve handed cash in to the police, I’ve always got it back after the statutory three months. It’s sad that people are so cynical these days that they don’t even bother to report it missing, isn’t it?

    • NO WAY! People don’t even look for it?! I always turn things in too… one time I found a twenty on the floor in 7-11. I turned it in and the cashier looked at me like I was crazy!!! 🙂

  • I borrow my kids money all the time – and they charge me interest. Last week I needed to borrow $1 from my six year old to give to her brother for lunch. I told her I’ll give you $2 back. She said, “OK I want two fives”

    It’s always nice to hear stories about honest people. Someone stole my wallet one time – two years later I got it back in the mail. Empty, except for my license. I guess whoever stole it took everything out of it and then someone else found it and stuck it in a mailbox – it was weird.

    • I’ve heard of wallets being returned with the money taken out… probably like you said. One person takes what they want and then dumps it, where another finds it. As far as interest, fortunately my kids haven’t thought of that yet. I need to be sure they don’t read this blog!

  • That St. Anthony, boy. He really comes through. Have you ever heard George Carlin’s routine about St. Anthony? Too funny. A latchkey kid in the 1940’s, Carlin was always losing his keys. So he’s frantic, cause he’s going to get it. At one point he says “God, if you see St. Anthony, tell him I’ve gotta find my keys!!” lol

    I am so glad everything worked out, but my heart ached for you reading about how stressful it was in the meantime. It is a special person who can turn a story like this around and make it positive. 🙂

    • THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WORDS!!! I look at Japan now and see I have NO problems. I have a roof over my head, healthy kids, I can get my prescriptions filled around the corner and I have a car in the driveway. Now I can’t WAIT to see the George Carlin video. I DO remember a clip about him saying, “Why is the thing you are looking for always in the last place you look!” As if you would continue looking for it after you find it. I have to google it now!

  • I lost my wallet once, in the morning. When I realized at lunchtime, I started calling to cancel my credit cards. When I got home in the evening, my wallet was in my mailbox. Everything was in it, cash included. I couldn’t believe it. There wasn’t even a note, so I was never able to thank the person who found it. It did renew my faith in humanity, that’s for sure. There are still good people in this world. It’s nice to know, isn’t it?

    • Wow someone actually went to your house and returned it! That is a GREAT story. It is sad that our first instinct is to shut down our cards, which we HAVE to do. I bet 40 years ago that would not be needed! But the great side… people STILL return wallets! 🙂

  • I am so glad that St. Anthony came through for you and you found your wallet. When I was young I had my wallet stolen and it was a nightmare. I do borrow money from my kids. Unfortunately, they are not too willing to lend it. I usually have to weasel and beg.

    • You should bribe them instead!!!! 🙂 Oh wait, did I just admit I bribe my kids too? #parentfail

  • Anonymous

    It is awesome story. I believe, that in future this world will be better.

  • That is an amazing story. Thank God for Facebook. In these horrendous times, it’s so wonderful to hear a happy story. I look for money in my son’s room, but it’s usually my money.

  • this is like the best story I’ve read in weeks! Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity! I love this story so much I tweeted it!

  • What a great post. I indeed understand the level of frustration you are going through, but rest assured you are not alone. Wow, I hit a wrong key and lost all my comment. Arghhhhh I hate that!!!! It was good too, awww well, I least you got your DL and debit card back, xoxo

    • MOB, so you are not the only one who types a mile a minute and then looses it on a comment??? I thought it was just me!

  • What a great story. It cheers me greatly as I often wonder where all the “good” went, too. Now I have to ask myself, how could I be a Catholic and not know about St. Anthony? He could come in handy about 20 times a day. Wonder if he could help me find my mind?

    • You are Catholic and never heard of St. Anthony? Well actually that isn’t surprising because I didn’t know about him finding lost things until adulthood myself. I am telling you though, it really REALLY works to pray to St. Anthony. I have NEVER not found something… sometimes it is somewhere I have already looked… try it and let me know! As far as your mind, sorry, both yours and mine are LONG gone. 🙁

  • guest
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