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Shoot Me NowLookin’ Good for the Ex-Boyfriend!

Lookin’ Good for the Ex-Boyfriend!
Published on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 by

 On my way to work, I stopped in at a “quickie mart” to grab a cup of coffee.  As I turned the corner, I nearly ran into an OLD BOYFRIEND.  I could not believe it.  Was my hair straight?  How did I look?

I talked to him for a good five minutes.  Certain I had impressed him, I got back in my car and started to pull out.  It was when I glanced back through my rear view mirror that I saw it.  A lovely white, crusty outline of toothpaste around one side of my mouth!

For five minutes, this guy was staring at my mouth, and I’m sure he was sighing a HUGE sigh of relief that I was indeed, an OLD girlfriend!

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