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Published on Sunday, April 29, 2012 by

I can’t believe there is only one more day of the April Photo Challenge.  Will we all get P.E.D (Post-Event Depression) on May 1?  Or would it be “Photo-Event Depression?”

Today’s Challenge is “Lines.”  I began by taking pictures of the painted lines at my son’s track meet today.  But then I was thrilled beyond belief to capture this shot of him flying over a hurdle.  My guy is on the left, racing over the lines to ultimately get to THE finish line.

Taken with an old, failing Samsung Fascinate phone, which has a delay that is never the same after snapping the picture.  How I got this, I will never know!

hurdle event


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  • This is fantastic! Doesn’t much matter how or why your phone allowed you to capture this, I’m just thrilled that it did. I love action shots and this one is just WOW!

  • Mel

    Who cares how it happened!  What an awesome shot!

    I hope he did well.

  • I took photos for weekly newspapers back in the 1990s and those action sports shots always were a challenge. I don’t know if I ever got one that good even with a “professional” camera. Very, very nice.

  • Great action shot. Did your son win?

  • It is a great shot and is clear as day when enlarged! Great capture!

  • That is an amazing photo!  Really wonderful, Katherine!

  • Wow, Katherine, this is an amazing shot! I cannot believe you were able to get it at exactly the right time, and so clear. Amazing. 🙂

  • Oh snap, Katherine! That’s an AWESOME picture. I am SUPER impressed!

    “Photo-Event Depression?” – Ahahahaha, probably! 

  • Do you like my shorts?

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Absolutely incredible that you managed to get this photo with your cell phone camera! It’s terrific, and really nice memento of your son. I’m amazed by hurdelers. I don’t understand the coordination involved in running at full speed and then timing your jump. I can barely walk without falling over.

  • Unbelievable shot! And I’m so impressed with your son’s ability to jump hurdles. I fall down while standing in place!! Again, really incredible, Katherine!

  • For a cell phone shot, this is fabulous Katherine!  Perfect area, too, to get a lot of lines. (So, did your son win??)  😉

    • Actually no…. he can win in the 100 meter hurdle, which I haven’t been able to see yet…this was the 300…but he did well!

  • MalisaHargrove

    I tried to get a photo of my favorite football field goal line, but to no avail. Twenty years ago, I could have talked my way in! 🙂 Great photo. Woo Hoo for your son! Congrats!

  • WOW!  Great shot!  I think I’d break something if I tried to jump those hurdles. 

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