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Like There’s No Tomorrow
Published on Friday, June 22, 2012 by

Blog Writing Challenge Day 22.  Woot!  The subject?  “Like There’s No Tomorrow.”

Things you should do like there’s no tomorrow.  Or at least try.  Just once.

  • Tell your children or family members that you love them.
  • Let yourself cry over a video, movie or song.
  • Go on adventures.  Lots and lots of adventures.
  • Enjoy a gooey, sweet and delectable dessert.  Do not feel guilty.

gooey dessert

  • That person that gives you butterflies and makes you shake?  Make love to him or her with complete abandon.  During that time, you don’t have a belly, stretch marks or back hair.  You are the most handsome or gorgeous person in the world.  Remember.  Complete abandon.

kissing couple

  • When you greet someone or pass by a person, smile as if seeing him or her has made your day.  Even if you are having a bad day, add that smile.  The results will surprise you.  Make it a game.  TRUST ME.  With my kids alone, when one of them walks in the room, I stop what I am doing, look them in the eye and smile.  I make it a point and see such a result.  How would you feel walking in to a room only to see that person stop, look up and grin at you?  Pretty.  Darn.  Good.

 I would love to hear two things you think people should do like there’s no tomorrow.  Pleeeeaaasseeee?

(I am looking up and grinning at you….)

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