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Shoot Me NowLights in the Sky and an Explosion. Yowsa!

Lights in the Sky and an Explosion. Yowsa!
Published on Monday, March 30, 2009 by

meteor in hampton roadsEverywhere I have gone today, I’ve heard, “Did you hear the noise last night? What did you see?!”  It is definitely the buzz about town!  But what is everyone talking about?  We don’t know, literally. 

Somewhere between 9:30 and 10 last night, it happened. People across Hampton Roads, and actually from Maryland to NC, saw a low flying ball of light streak across the sky.  A minute or so later, BAM!  A huge blasting sound that literally shook houses from Virginia Beach to Chesapeake and beyond. 

The light was described as white, then blue then orange… some thought it was a firework, others thought a shooting star or meteor.  SOME are even questioning whether it is a missile from North Korea.  (I know I know…)  The interesting part?  The National Weather Service shows nothing in the air last night.  No radar sightings at all.  Hmmmm. 

I was in bed when the blast occurred, and yes, I heard it loud and clear.  Honestly, I thought my son had blown up something outside.  For a moment.  A quick moment.  It sounded just like an explosion to me.  No one has found any damage, and as of now, no one has any video of the light.

It was probably some kind of space junk or meteor – but we live in a military area, and I wonder if someone “let fly” something explosive…  by accident of course… oops! 

I can’t wait to watch the news tonight.  With all the security cameras on storefronts and stop lights, there must be video somewhere that will show a bit more!

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  • I didnt hear the boom you are talking about, but I read this and decided that is was time for some research. Everywhere I look I am finding this same story. I am surprised I didnt hear about it sooner. All the reports, news or otherwise, have said it was the second stage of a russian rocket falling back to earth. I really need to start paying more attention…

  • I didn’t hear about that either! It’s funny how regional the news can get.

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