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Life Changes as your Teenager Grows
Published on Friday, July 17, 2009 by

Today I have been contemplating how things change as your children become teenagers. They aren’t better or worse, just different. I’m not talking about the big things – the obvious things. I’m talking about little things that were always the same and are now just different.

Case in point. Medication. Remember when antibiotics were always the “pink stuff?” Even the doctors called it that. And if you are unlucky enough to have kids with penicillin allergies, then the replacement is still in liquid form. It is just a given. A few weeks ago when my son needed an antibiotic for a spider bite, the doctor said, “You can take pills, can’t you?” That actually made me pause. Yes, of course he can. Yes, he wouldn’t take a liquid if his life depended on it. But it never occurred to me to mention this. Nothing good or bad… just a change.

A few more? Boxers, NOT briefs. (Oh PLEASE mom!) Knock on your son’s door before you enter at night. (Let your imagination run with that one.) Socks must be so short you can hardly see them in your shoe. (THAT starts in middle school.) Clothes must be tried on now – no more bringing home “size 3” and having them just FIT. Pediatrician visits include a moment when mom leaves the room. (Thinking ahead to when my daughter becomes a teenager and shuddering…)

Also, casually (and completely innocently) asking who you are talking to on the phone (or texting) rewards you with a look. You don’t sit down with them to help with homework. A hug and “I love you mom,” almost surprises (and definitely delights) you, as you don’t get that a hundred times a day anymore. And in the surf shop, the employee says that the special feature in this leash is that you can put your car key in it. CAR KEY?!

What prompted all this seriously deep thinking – way too much thinking for a Friday? My oldest wants a short board for his birthday, which is in August. He already has a long board – I picked that out by myself with the help of a surfer friend. This particular “surfer friend” told me earlier this week, “You know, it is time for your son to pick out his own board. He knows what he wants. You should let him choose on his own.”

But wait! You aren’t supposed to know what you are getting on your birthday! And even if you know, you certainly can’t see it! But he was right. It was time.

So last night my son and I went to the best surf shop in Virginia Beach – RK’s Surf Shop. The excellent staff worked with us while I helped to guide him. This is the section to look in. This is the price range. Are you sure you don’t want a fishtail? They say that is great for East coast surfing. OK, well this is your decision. But are you sure? (OK OK I know, I can’t help myself – I’m a mom!)

My son finally fell in love with what I think is a very good choice. An Australian Surfboard, big enough for him but small enough to be considered a short board. If I had purchased this on my own, he would have had a fishtail. But in looking at them, he hated them. I mean hated them. So I’m happy I listened to my friend.

The surfboard was loaded into the car by the birthday boy. The birthday boy looked at it all the way home. He took a picture of it to send to a friend. He even brought it in the house and put it in a safe spot, until I can take it to Grandma’s this weekend. Yes, it will be wrapped. No, he won’t see it until his birthday. And no, he won’t have a huge amount of presents because this is a HIGH COST ITEM. As a matter of fact, Grandma is going in on it, so there truly won’t be many things to open. And he is perfectly happy with that. If not ecstatic.

Like I said, things change. Not for the better, not for the worse. They just change. And it is both fascinating and bittersweet to watch.

Do you have children?  What has changed in your own life?

And now, I present to you, the Board That Must Not Be Seen Until The Birthday – in all it’s glory!

australian surfboard at RK's Surfshop

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