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I’m Back!
Published on Sunday, January 26, 2014 by

Katherine, Katherine, where have you been?  I’ll tell you where… I’ve been in NO COMPUTER LAND!  MY LAPTOP DIED!

Hear me whine, “I haven’t been able to read blogs!  I haven’t been able to comment!  Everyone thinks I don’t care about their blogs anymore!” 

OK… whining over. 

Being a hardware tech, you would think I could have gotten something built just a tiny bit quicker.  No matter.  I believe I have pieced enough things together to get me back online and reading and commenting and ….  

Writing a post every-single-day in February for the infamous Nicky and Mike blog writing challenge!  AHHHHHHHHH! 

Furthermore I will be able to post my pictures for the subject “New” in A Lil HooHaa’s challenge.  No stress, right? 

I can’t begin to write about my last month, especially considering smack dab in the middle of it I had to put my special 14 year old deaf Dalmatian Emma down.  I just can’t blog about that.  Too much pain. 

Instead, let’s move forward a few weeks so I can get past the pain and introduce you to Abigail, or Abbie… the sweet girl no one would adopt over the course of a year and a half.   She is a lemon walker hound mix.

lemon walker hound mix

Perhaps she was waiting for us.  More to follow.   Oh yea, Mom?  We got a companion for Moon.

Now, to indulge in all your blogs!!!!

mom blog

  • Ron

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Katherine….you’re back!!!!!!!

    And please know that you have been VERY missed!. Sorry to hear about your computer. Doesn’t it suck when that happens? That happened to me many years ago. And I am also so sorry to hear about your Dalmatian. I know what you’re feeling right now because I had to do that with my two cats. They each passed away only a year apart.

    Sending ya a big hug….

    (((((((((((((((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))))))))))

    “….and introduce you to Abigail, or Abbie…”

    OMG…she’s adorable! And look at that big smile on her face, you can tell she’s happy to be with you!

    Looking forward to your daily posts next month, and also your photo posts!

    Welcome back, my friend!


    • Thank you Ron! I will blog her story in a bit after I get to know her more. I heard TODAY her back story and ACK…. it made me cry. You know how you see pictures of abused dogs that are skeletons? SHE was one of those. But there is a much bigger story… I can’t wait to share.

      I’m so happy to be able to sit and TYPE again. I was able to read your posts though through the feed. Your new name messes me up still. You used to be lower in my inbox… now alphabetically it is higher and it throws me off LOLOL!

  • And I was just about to delete your feed….No! Not really. I was patiently waiting for your return.

    So sorry for your loss, but glad you have a new baby to look after.

    • Ha ha Babs you got me… I panicked!!! Phew! 🙂 I am finally able to start getting to everyone… you are one of my favorite favorite blogs. It always makes me smile…. so I’m off to your blog right now!

  • She looks like a sweet girl and has the most wonderful smile. I don’t have a good reason not to visit and post except I just haven’t been in the blogging mood. I’m so glad you’re back and I think this may be the oomph I need to get back in the game ~ seeing everyone started to get active again despite terrible obstacles.

    • Cheryl I think the holidays were a big thing too… we are all so busy!

  • Awww! I am sooo sorry to hear about Emma, but I love the new addition to the family, Abigail. Soooo cute!

    And HOOORAY for being back online!

  • Oh, Katherine, I am so sorry to hear about Emma.
    As for Abigail…she is very cute…and doesn’t she look happy? I am sure she was meant to be part of your family.
    You are a hardware tech??? I am jealous beyond belief. I am fairly competent on figuring out software and their assorted issues but anything dealing with hardware….forget about it.

    • Cheryl, I don’t know how it is that fixing computers and computer issues comes naturally… I don’t have tons of talent in many categories. I AM happy I can fix pc’s though because when it comes to the boys and computer viruses… ugh. I don’t know what people do who can’t get rid of them. Any time someone nice at my work asks about a laptop with a virus I offer to fix it for free…. Of course if I was sick I don’t know that any of the health care workers would fix ME for free though! ;D

  • I know exactly how you feel! I went a month without a computer and it seems like it’s taken me a couple months more to recover from it. Glad to have you back and participating in the challenge. I am really sorry, though, to hear about Emma. I know how much you and your family loved her.

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