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It Was No Accident
Published on Sunday, February 2, 2014 by

I wasn’t out to get another dog for Moon after recently having to put my sweet Emma down.  I knew Moon loved other dogs and would be happy to have a companion, but my broken heart was not ready to search.

“Mom!  Moon needs another dog  to keep him company!” was something I was starting to hear.  My reply?  “I’m not going out to look for another dog.  If one is meant for us, it will make its way to us.”

It didn’t take more than two weeks before I posted….

lemon walker hound

Bird seed.  That was ALL I was going to get.  Until we walked in to a dog adoption event at my favorite pet store.  “MOM!  THEY ARE ADOPTING DOGS!”  “No no honey, not today.  You can go look, but I am not planning to get another dog.”  And then I saw a cage off in the distance containing something with a creamy white coat and darn it all… ears that perfectly matched the spots on my cattle dog mix Moon.

She HAD to match, didn’t she?

It wasn’t until a few days later that I learned her back story.  And what a back story it is.

In the summer of 2012, lemon walker hound mix Abbie was left at Whiteville Animal Control in North Carolina along with her very ill sister.  It is assumed both were hunting dogs, dumped when they weren’t of any more use.  Neither were ever vetted and neither knew the comforts of an indoor dwelling.

Abbie was nearly feral.  She was so afraid of humans she would hide behind her sister for safety.  This is where the heartbreak starts.  Her sister had mammary chain tumors (breast cancer), was Heartworm, Lyme and Ehrlichia positive and had renal failure.  Her sister had to be put down, leaving Abbie completely alone and afraid.

This sweet girl had serious health problems of her own.  She was heartworm positive, needed to be spayed, had rotted teeth and was merely a skeleton with fur.

For months Abbie suffered through heartworm treatment.  She was also spayed and then had to have many teeth pulled.  And through it all she had to deal with her fear of the indoors and at humans in general.  Fortunately she had been rescued by an amazing organization, Fur-Ever Home Rescue.  She was kept in a foster home where she was shown love, patience and given the chance to feel safety among a small pack of dogs.  To her, dogs were much more safe than humans.

Fur-Ever would not release Abbie to a home with no other dogs.  Dogs were the key to Abbie’s mental healing and future happiness.  But for some strange reason, no one wanted to adopt Abbie.  For more than a YEAR.  She was the middle aged, shy dog always passed over for the sweet active puppies.  UNTIL MY DAUGHTER AND I WALKED IN.

After my post about how I “accidentally” adopted a dog, a person from the rescue responded:

walker hound mix

Abbie is a work in progress.  She is frightened one minute and then instigating play with Moon the next.  She is too scared to walk in to the kitchen for water, yet she will allow me to pet her in the safety of my room where we now keep her water.  Abbie has attached herself to my daughter.  My daughter is her PERSON, which is OK with me.  Her trust in all of us will take time, patience, and even more time.  But I have all the time in the world.

Because there are indeed no accidents.

lemon walker hound

Through this wonderful experience, my daughter has decided to volunteer at the Fur-Ever Home Rescue adoption events.  I am beyond proud of her.

Consider Liking Fur-Ever Home Rescue on Facebook and check out their adoptable pet list here.  You can even support them at no cost to you by using the iGIVE app to tell merchants that you want a percentage of your purchase donated to the cause of your choice!  Fur-Ever Home’s iGIVE link is here.

“Saving one dog at a time may not change the world,
but it WILL change the world for that ONE dog.”

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