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Lacrosse Ball and Metal Bar = OUCH!
Published on Friday, April 17, 2009 by

picture of bandagesI am slowly sinking into the couch. I am becoming one with the couch.  I am the couch.  Do not try and separate me from the couch. 

Last night I was up all night with my youngest, who was in and out with a fever, thirst and joint pain.  My first cup of coffee began when there was a “5” on the clock.  As in a.m. 

Despite my exhaustion, I took this opportunity to clean house.  Vacuuming, dusting, picking up, cleaning the carpet, toilets… you know the drill.  After my many hours cleaning, I washed and folded four loads of laundry.  

And for the finale?  I took off the front storm door.  The glass was broken ages ago, leaving it a mere shell and an embarrassment to my teenager.  So it is gone. Roar. 

I deserved a bit of fun after that, don’t you think?  So I went in the backyard with my oldest to throw the Lacrosse Ball.  I am certainly not an athlete (I was always chosen last in PE), but I work out and can rollerblade and ripstick like NOBODY’S business! 

After a few minutes of missing the ball, I warmed up and was pretty proud of my performance.  But on a particularly hard throw from my son, my old “last to be chosen in PE” self came out.  And stood right in front of the ball.  Did I really think it would help to dodge the ball by putting my body directly in its path?  BAM! Right into my arm!  The arm that received two shots yesterday! 

Lacrosse balls are HARD.  And they HURT when they are beamed at you.  I started to laugh, and then I laughed so hard that I started to cry.  The pain didn’t help with that part.  My son was mortified.  He felt so bad.  I felt worse from laughing so hard.  Not to mention my bruised ego!  I am going to have a rocking bruise by tomorrow.  Time to go inside for a break. 

About 10 minutes later I was looking for a stack of clean sheets on the top bunk of my son’s bed.  We had been cleaning, so the Guitar Hero drum set had been placed over the sheets.  I lifted the drum set over my head to get it down, and as I did, a metal bar rolled down and slammed into my lip.  HARD.  My tooth cut into my lip and it is now very swollen and very sore. 

So now I am on the couch.  Sinking.  And hiding.  I surrender!

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