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Published on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 by

I’ve been in Corolla with no internet and no television.  It rained for three days.  Not just rain… but RAIN.  Freezing rain.  Rain and wind and sand blowing so hard it felt like needles shooting in to my face.

Do you know what I did for those three days?  I read a BOOK.  Yup!  I actually stopped my perpetual never-ending motion, plopped myself on to a couch and READ A BOOK.  I had forgotten what that was like.

Easter brought church, ham and… CANDY!  This year my mother was the winner.  Yes, she made a lovely basket for me.  But it wasn’t just that.  It was the recreation of…… drum roll please….. the Katherlus Egg!

Many years ago, my father ordered personalized Easter Eggs for everyone in the family.  Everyone oooohhhed and ahhhhed as they opened their eggs.  Until I opened mine.

Katherlus?  What???

Sure enough, the people making the eggs couldn’t read my father’s writing so they winged it.  How they got Katherlus rather than Katherine I will never know.  But Katherlus it was, smack dab across the deep dark chocolate covering of the egg.  Their mistake brought much laughter to all of us that year.

This year, my mother found a place that personalized homemade butter cream Easter Eggs.  So this is what I got.

homemade buttercream egg

Indeed, my mother won… hands down.

I haven’t been able to get on the internet in the last week or so.  I humbly ask that you give me through this weekend to get to everyone’s latest posts.  I am so behind!

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