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I’m Joe Cross’ Biggest Nightmare
Published on Monday, January 13, 2014 by

I stumbled upon Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead while surfing through movies on Netflix.  Documentary?  Why not… I’ll give it a go.  And then I was hooked.  By the end of the movie I was ready to race to the store to buy fruits and veggies for juicing.  A trip that was delayed for months.

I’m not sure what made me finally bite the bullet and begin a juice fast.  In a nutshell, I believe it was my complete dismay at not being able to lose the weight I gained after the dreaded car accident.  With constant back pain, my use of overhead weight machines came to a screeching halt.  Of course I have to add that I was hit from behind, it was completely her fault and I have suffered for 1.5 years since.  But that is another post.

Having gastroparesis and not being able to eat raw veggies, I wasn’t sure how it would go.  One glass of juice could potentially send me in to enough pain to double me over.  Surprisingly, all was fine with my first glass of veggies and fruit.  Could I do this for three days?  How about more?  With GP I’m used to going for long periods of time with no food, so why not?

Breaking out my 15+ year old juicer, I proceeded to mix together spinach, broccoli, parsley, kale, beets, cilantro, carrots, celery, cucumbers, ginger, colored peppers, jalapeno, apples, oranges, collards and more.

healthy juicing ideas

By the end of day one I was hungry.  OH SO HUNGRY.  But I was determined.  I tweeted about how hard it was and was rewarded with a huge surprise… a tweet back from Joe Cross!  NO WAY!  (I am pretending it was really him rather than his PR staff.  Don’t judge.)

tweeting joe cross

Fast forward five days of nothing but juice.  On day six I decided it was time for solid foods for dinner.  My first dish was Joe’s amazing acorn squash stuffed with mushrooms, onion and sage.  It was absolutely delicious and fed me for two nights.

Now for the interesting part.  This past weekend we were out of town for a Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark extravaganza.  I decided that since I would not be able to juice, I would eat not only regular food, but vacation food.  AND ENJOY IT.  It was a planned science experiment, if you will.

One barbecue sandwich and several fried sweet potato sticks later the brain fog kicked in.  For the next night and day I fell in to a food stupor.  Headache, brain fog, sluggish, tired, lazy and stuffed up coupled with a side of pretty bad gastric distress.  No WONDER so many Americans are overweight and underactive.  I could hardly move!  But move I did, up about a billion stairs for a day and a half. Each step left me tired and out of breath as if I had never stepped foot in a gym.

Happily, I am back to juicing after two days of unhealthy food BLEH.  The bad part?  My juicer is half broken.  First of all, it is so old that I have to cut everything up in to tiny pieces.  Then I have to hold and push down on the top as hard as I can while attempting to get food through with chute with the other hand.  I also have to empty it three times as the motor quickly slows down to zero.

When the juicer dies I’ll be devastated and my juicing days will quickly be over.

What are the benefits I have enjoyed since I’ve begun to juice?  My skin seems healthier.  I am more energetic.  I am in a better mood.  I am losing weight.  And I am enjoying a happy tummy – something I haven’t had in years.

But the best part of it all?  I have gained CLARITY.  For so many years I have told everyone, “I forget everything.  I have a terrible memory.”  After five days of juicing it was like a fog lifted.  And the weekend I ate “bad American food?”  It came back immediately.

Now I understand why so many Americans look and feel the way they do.  Because I, Katherine Murray, made a plate that looked like THIS during my two day bad food experiment.

typical American breakfast

It made me tired, sick to my stomach, foggy, lazy and… well…. It sent me to the bathroom… SEVERAL times.

If you decide to start up juicing, be prepared.  Some of your friends and family members will have your back while others will proclaim, “You realize you have gone over the deep end doing this?!”

No matter.  Do what makes you feel good.  And juicing WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.  Even if it is one glass a day.

I can’t wait to see where I will be in a month.  Two months.  A year.  Juicing is now a part of my life.  I plan to juice all day and eat healthy food at night.  But skipping daily black coffee and a weekend vodka lemondrop?  I’m getting healthy… not going CRAZY!

Yes, I am Joe Cross’ biggest nightmare.  Sorry Joe!

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  • Ron

    GREAT post, Katherine!

    And although I’ve never done a juice fast, I’ve known others who have and they shared similar things as you…

    ” My skin seems healthier. I am more energetic. I am in a better mood. I am losing weight. I have gained CLARITY. ”

    I used to juice many years ago, when I was living in Florida. I would have a glass of freshly blended veggies and fruits every morning. And yes, I could definitely feel a difference.

    ” But skipping daily black coffee and a weekend vodka lemondrop? I’m getting healthy… not going CRAZY!”

    Exactly. I think it’s all about moderation.

    • Ron… the skin part made me remember… I am still using that oil you recommended on your blog and I LOVE it!

  • Mel

    You’re a brave woman. In my world those things don’t TOUCH, let alone BLEND. *shudder*

    • Mel, ha ha ha ha ha that is SO FUNNY! It is like having mashed potatoes and being sure the peas don’t touch, while others mush them together. I DID find out that blending willy nilly can give you some really odd tasting stuff… but others are actually quite delicious!

  • Heather R

    Great Post!

  • That is so interesting as to the effects when you went back onto “bad” food. I eat a very boring repetitive diet consisting of high protein (no red meat, largely soy based) veggie, fruit diet. Very rarely do I waiver much but the idea of not having solid food is a bit daunting. My daily lunch is a protein smoothie so I am not above a meal that doesn’t have an actual edible but I am not sure I am up for all liquids.

    I am happy to hear that the juicing diet had you feeling better though. How long can you effectively stay on a juice fast?

    • You are a VERY healthy eater! Tell me about soy based things… what do you mean?

      • If I were to have a hamburger type of sandwich it probably would be either a turkey burger or a Moringing Farms Veggie or Soy Burger. But a lot of my protein comes from soy milk, yogurt (esp. Greek yogurt) and egg substitute. I go through a ton of Egg Beaters.
        I do eat chicken as well. Most suppers consist of a large vegetable salad, often with chicken included.

  • Good for you, Katherine. I don’t think I could handle a juice diet. I get lightheaded when I don’t eat. But I try to not overindulge on unhealthy stuff. I don’t like feeling stuffed or bloated. Since my son has been home from college for the month, I’ve been eating popcorn with him at night. I gained several pounds. He leaves Monday, so no more late night popcorn gorging.

    • Microwave popcorn? Like from a store? I would not think that would be too horrible.

      When I am craving something salty and crunchy I will put popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag and microwave them… then put flavoring on the popcorn. Of course getting it to stick is nearly impossible without oil. But at least I get that “crunch.”

      As a matter of fact.. I might make some now!

  • Good for you, Katherine. You seem to be experiencing WONDERFUL benefits from this experiment and I am sooooo happy for you!

    Man, I would LOVE to be able to juice for a few days – if only to lift this permanent brain fog and to gain some clarity. I would also love to have more energy too. stupid food allergies.

    • Your food allergies SUCK. There is no other word for it. I had to keep my kids from specific foods for years… one of my kids could not eat dairy/eggs/apples/oranges/cashews/dyes/sufites/phosphates. That is really hard… and you have so much more to avoid. It just SUCKS!

      • Food allergies really DO suck, Katherine. They suck donkey balls!

  • I might have to pull out my juicer again. I tried it after watching that movie but couldn’t get past the hunger. I might have to give it another go. Good for you!!!

    • Jen I got a new juicer last week… the one he uses in the show… and it is AMAZING!!!! Worth it for sure. But I’m now where I juice during the day but eat real food at night. I can’t go without food… but I eat healthy food all week. I allow fun stuff on the weekends. I had cookies Sunday… I mean.. IT WAS SUNDAY FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE AND THEY WERE HOT OUT OF THE OVEN! That is why I am not dropping a trillion pounds like others that do this!

  • “I proceeded to mix together spinach, broccoli, parsley, kale, beets, cilantro, carrots, celery, cucumbers, ginger, colored peppers, jalapeno, apples, oranges, collards and more.”

    I cannot imagine what that must taste like. No “good” words come to mind. But…if it works for you and makes you feel better then that’s what counts. Even if I could get past the taste, I don’t think I’d deal with the hunger very well. My focus would be shot because all I would be thinking about would be eating. [Getting hungry now thinking about this].

    • Linda I actually just started to follow some of his recipes. There is one with apples, carrots, cucumber and ginger that is AMAZING! 🙂 The stuff I made was just kinda grass like.

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