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She was the Prom Queen, I’m In the Marching Band
Published on Friday, June 15, 2012 by

Day billion and six of the June blog writing challenge.  I have had two BUSY days so I have not been able to visit everyone’s blogs!  Not good!  I can’t wait to catch up with everyone this weekend.  See you soon and sorry for the delay!  Today’s theme is “First Place.”

Have I NEVER been in first place?  Spelling bees?  Sports?  Art?  Never?!

My first thought was nope, not a one.  But then I remembered the flute.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was a band geek.

Kempsville Marching Band

Band-Aids over earrings during marching competition.  No makeup.  Hair braided back.  I didn’t look GOOD on the field until I rocked it as a rifle girl.  But overall, band geek.

The only “talent” I have ever had is playing the flute.  I was good.  I didn’t play notes, I played from the heart with feeling.  Indeed, I was good.

*Sidenote?  I can still rock that chromatic scale.  My teacher would be proud.*

flute player

Private lessons.  Symphonic band rehearsals.  Band camp.  Solo competitions.  I was first place off and on.  I was good enough when I made the effort.

But I have to tell you.  When I was in Madison High School in Vienna Virginia, and our symphonic band made it to the Chicago Band and Orchestra Clinic as one of the top five bands in the country, it was all worth it.

A flight to Chicago.  A room in the Conrad Hilton.  Chandeliers in the elevator.  And after months and months of never ending practice, we found ourselves on stage in front of more people than you can imagine.  And we played.  Beautifully.

Sitting in the middle of so many instruments.  The first notes begin.  Then they build.  And soon you become the piece of music.  Loud, soft, swirling notes.  All in unison yet playing different parts. You actually become the piece.  It’s something I just can’t describe.

We got what I believe was one of the only standing ovations that night.  All of us stood up, looked around and grinned ear to ear.  And laughed out of sheer joy.  All those hours together.  The band conductor yelling.  The endless notes we played over and over and over.  In this very moment, it was completely and absolutely worth it.

At that moment, being a band geek was very, VERY cool.

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