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Jackie Chan, Forgive Me
Published on Saturday, August 25, 2012 by


Last night, my 19 year old announced that I single-handedly crushed his most precious childhood memory.  In a matter of thirty short seconds.  AND?  I wasn’t even there.  Yes, I’m just that good.

These last few months have brought many changes to my son’s life.  He graduated from high school, got a job, his driver’s license, has a car and recently started college classes.

There is such a sense of freedom, driving a car on your own.  Rolling down the windows, turning up a song and enjoying your new independence.  This is just what my son was doing yesterday when an old song from his childhood came on the radio.

With great excitement, he turned up the radio while childhood memories flooded through his mind.  After all, this song was a great one.  One we belted out quite often in the car.  Who cannot love the infamous song, “Jackie Chan.”

As the singers began their chant, he expected the lyrics he knew so well.

“Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Jackie Chan…”

I’m not sure how long it took, but the light slowly started to turn on as he realized everything that he held dear in his youth was actually a complete farce.  A COMPLETE FARCE.  And apparently, it is ALL MY FAULT.

For those singers weren’t belting out a tribute to Jackie Chan.  They were saying something quite different.

As my son told the story to me, he was practically in tears.  “Mom!  They weren’t singing Jackie Chan… they were a stupid group of people singing something totally different.  As I listened, I wanted to slowly steer my car in to the oncoming traffic!  I was so close to just ending it ALL!  Mom, YOU RUINED IT!  THEY WEREN’T SINGING ABOUT JACKIE CHAN!”


My poor poor boy.  He might as well have discovered there is no Santa Clause.  I feebly attempted to defend my case.  “But honey, doesn’t it show you what a great mom I was?!  I took a classic old song and turned it in to something you dearly loved!”  Nope.  No dice.  I TOOOOOOTALLY crushed everything he holds dear.  Forgive me, my son.  Please forgive me.

I’m sorry honey.  I am so sorry I ruined your cherished memories of the Jackie Chan Adventure cartoon.  And that I ruined the song you held so close to your heart.  And I’m sorry the real song turned out to be sung by Abba.  And that you cranked it.  With the windows down.  As a 19-year-old muscle-bound male adult.

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  • Ron

    Katherine, this post was both heart-breaking and hilarious!

    ” “Mom! They weren’t singing Jackie Chan… they were a stupid group of people singing something totally different. ”


    I had no idea what the Jackie Chan song was, so I Googled it on You Tube.

    OMG…it was ABBA!!!

    Well, I’m sure your son will slowly get over this traumatic realization, like I did, when I discovered (only three years ago) that there is NO Santa 🙁


    Great post!

    P.S. btw, I enjoyed watching that Abba video. I LOVE Abba!

    • I love Abba too….! I mean, Dancing Queen… NO ONE can hear that and not sing!

  • Mel

    Forever ruined……… *tsk tsk tsk*

    The poor thing…traumatized for LIFE.


    • I guess that is karma for all those times he missed the toilet, woke me up in the middle of the night and vomited on my shirt at the pediatricians… right? 🙂

  • It’s definitely up there with finding out there’s no Santa Claus. LOL! He’ll get over it. I thought it was our responsibility to crush their dreams.

    • OK, that made me laugh outloud Lauren!!! Yes, it IS our responsibility!!!

  • What a crushing blow! Such disillusionment, such embarrassment. It is right up there with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Childhood wiped out in a single moment. Poor kid.

  • Comedy Plus

    Bwahahahahahahaha. What they remember at 18 and what they remember at 40 is entirely two different things. You’ll have not ruined anything by the time he turns 40. Perhaps even sooner.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  • Anne

    I think a 19-year-old young man cranking Abba is the best part of your story. I love Abba but it certainly isn’t manly.

  • Oh man. Abba? Really? They have no redeeming social value. Your poor 19-year old. I’m with him, you CHILDHOOD MEMORY KILLER. (My coworker’s 9-year old daughter ran that gig on her a couple of weeks ago – by text. When she read it to me, I could NOT stop laughing. I asked her how she was able to sit down with her kid to discuss it without laughing. Bottom line, she couldn’t.)

  • Bahahahahha! This is so rad.

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