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It’s The Little Things
Published on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 by
Today’s blog challenge topic is “Little Things.”  To me, those words are synonymous with “It’s the little things.”  While pondering that phrase, I began to think about my father, and how “the little things” came naturally to him.

Has it really been 16 years since my dad died?

Although my father was a master at “the big things, “ he was equally adept at  making you feel special with the little things as well.

To begin with, he opened the car door for my mother.  When is the last time you saw that?  A gentleman opening a car door for a woman?  It’s the little things.  It really is.

And then there were the Price Club trips.  To those who aren’t as dated as I, Price Club is now what you call “Costco.”  Every Friday my father would go to Price Club and come back with a little special thing or two for me or my mother.  Nothing big… just a “surprise” to make our day a bit better.

There were also occasions in which he would walk in the house and unroll a long strip of lottery tickets.  For the next ten minutes, we would all work through the scratchers.  “If I get another heart, I win $50,000!”   He might have spent a whole ten or twenty dollars on the tickets, but our silly delight was worth far more than that.

scratcher ticket

My father took his hat off indoors.  He gave up his seat to any woman who needed it, no matter the age.  Dad would take your coat when you entered the house, and never forgot to tell my mom she looked beautiful.

It’s the little things that make you big.  Here’s to all of us being just a tiny bit more BIG.

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