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Shoot Me NowIt’s Me. Unplugged. Be Kind. You Know I Love You!

It’s Me. Unplugged. Be Kind. You Know I Love You!
Published on Sunday, January 10, 2010 by

This Christmas I got a new toy from my mom – a flip recorder!  Woop woop!  I’ll try to spare you a barrage of videos exposing my major facial lines and fat neck.  But gosh, this is a new toy so I had to play!

I had to think very seriously about taping myself and putting it on the blog.  After all, people get an “idea” of who you are from your writing.  Seeing me will most certainly change your perspective.  But maybe that will be a good thing.

Watching the clips I realized just how old I’ve become.  At 44, I have so many wrinkles, dry skin from the cold and, well, I’m no spring chicken!  But I’ve always said I will let myself go gray and be proud of it.  I will have earned it.

So do I go for vanity, or do I just go with who I am today, at this moment, at this age.  And what is this blog really about?  It’s about my constant embarrassing moments, my imperfect life and my serious lack of grace.  I’ve got to own it, you know?

I say drop the vanity and have some fun.  This first video is of my middle child and I headed to basketball, yucking it up and driving VERY VERY CAREFULLY.  Weekends ROCK.  And so does being with my kids.

Driving and Recording – NOT a good idea! from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

The second?  My car.  My hot, fast and show quality… ummm … uhhh…. Quest.  <snicker>  OK, it’s a minivan, and BOY is it DIRTY.  Not just dirty, but filled with old bottles of water, Wendy’s trash, books, socks, coffee mugs and… well, you will see.

Before you watch this, I would like to remind you of my post about Making Memories With A Dirty House.  This is my excuse for driving a trash dump on wheels.  I work full time, cart people to and from activities and have very little time to PLAY with the kids.  Hmmm…. Clean the car or make memories with the kids… which will it be?  I think you know!

Behold, my dirty car:

My Car is Dirty from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

Have you EVER seen a vehicle as dirty as this?  REALLY?!

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