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It Could Have Been Worse
Published on Saturday, June 30, 2012 by

This is it folks.  WE DID IT!  We made it to the last day of the 30-day writing challenge.  The final subject?  “It Could Have Been Worse.”  Honestly, I am the type of person to always look at the bright side.  When bad things happen, I really do tend to think, “It could have been worse.”

  • Monday I was hit by a car.  My life has changed dramatically from this simple hit.  I haven’t seen my gym in five days.  I can’t lift.  I can’t twist the way I used to.  I am now on vacation and won’t be able to body board or surf.  But it could have been worse.


  • Today I got stuck on a bridge for 3.5 hours in 108 degree heat with no air conditioner and no water.  I almost suffered from heat exhaustion.  I sweat so much my clothes were soaking, and then I just stopped sweating.  But it could have been worse.

fire picture


  • On the way to Corolla I was stuck behind two drunk drivers and had a truck behind me with brights on.  But it could have been worse.

keys for drunk driver


  • I have just completed a 30-day blog challenge.  My greatest regret was not having enough time in the day to visit every single post of everyone else, and to not even have time to reply to the comments people left.  But it could have been worse.


  • For 30 days I have enjoyed different twists and turns of a single subject, written by the most amazing writers I know.  Now that I don’t have to post every single day, I plan to go back and indulge in the ones I have missed.  Each and every one of you are truly amazing writers!

people cheering


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