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Shoot Me NowIs Christmas Over Yet?

Is Christmas Over Yet?
Published on Sunday, December 23, 2012 by

Wait a minute.  I have a BLOG?!

One would think it was Christmas or something.  I can hardly remember to eat much less write a blog post these days.  AND THE NEW WORDPRESS UPDATE BROKE MY THEME.  Is Christmas over yet?


burlington coat factory

Standing for 45 minutes in line at Burlington Coat Factory for the PERFECT Christmas Mass dress for my daughter. It was worth it. (Right?)



One in the morning. I had help wrapping.  And not a single drop of alcohol in my blood.  (That wasn't until after)

One in the morning. I had help wrapping. And not a single drop of alcohol in my blood. (That wasn’t until later.)



The Pirate House makes a beautiful angel this time of year.

The Pirate House makes a beautiful angel this time of year.



Here is hoping you are all surviving the shopping, the preparation, the anticipation and the fatigue.  If you need help wrapping presents, I know two dogs who would love to help!

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  • Heather R

    I have two dogs who can help too!

  • LOL, I know I updated mine and thought “What was I thinking at this time of the year?” Have a Merry Christmas! It’s almost over 🙂

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  • Mel

    k….this is the arrow shooting kiddo we’re talking about….IT WAS WORTH IT!

    *laughing* I’m certainly glad you had help with the wrapping….but who helped with the clearing up?!
    Oh, Happy Christmas to you and yours, katherine. It’s almost done–but let’s not rush the end cuz NOW is the fun bits! 🙂

  • Nope…not quite over yet…but it’s getting close!!! Yay!!! I am hosting a party tonight and I have done ZIP..nada..less than zero…but Christmas Eve will come whether I have a dinner put together or not I suppose. HO HO HO

  • Ron

    Just wanted to stop by to wish you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas, Katherine!

    Love the shot inside Burlington Coat Factory because that’s exactly what it looked like in my store today. OH. MY. GOD!


  • Merry Christmas. Well it’s over now and we survived it and 2012 too. Take care and have a prosperous New Year. 🙂

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Merry Christmas – belatedly – and a happy new year! Yes, it was almost certainly worth waiting in line for that dress!

  • Hope you had a great Christmas and that 2013 is a great year for you. I absolutely love the angel!!

  • I dont think it overs yet!

  • MikeWJ

    Thank god it’s over. I effing hate Christmas.

  • Over? Did it ever really begin? The older I get, the less eventful the holiday has become. I think that’s a good thing.

  • Happy moment goes fast.

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