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Iphone Randomness
Published on Monday, April 14, 2014 by

Much to the dismay of my children, I take random pictures of EVERYTHING with my phone.  “Mom… do you REALLY have to take a picture of that?”  I thought it would be fun to flip through my phone’s album and post a few pictures of things that momentarily caught my eye.

1.  This Little Tykes blue car is still in my back yard and is still used by my children.  This weekend my daughter was using it as a stepping stool while making a mud pool.  I was completely thrown when I realized the “David” license plate is still attached to the car.  David, my first born, is almost 21 years old.  Was he really so small that he could fit in to this car?!

 toy license plate

2.  An early morning in Corolla.  Watching the sun rise over an ocean is truly spiritual.

cattle dog mix

3.  Duck Donuts encourages people to wear pajamas so they can have their picture taken for the “Pajama Club” wall.  We love finding pictures of all of our family members and friends from so many years gone by.

pajama club

A bittersweet moment…. finding a picture of my daughter’s best friend who has since moved across the country!

corolla duck donuts

3.  We have had this dragon kite for years.  My daughter looked like she had magical wings as she walked across the sand.dragon wings

4.  I don’t often have successful culinary experiments.  But this???  Price Club pork chops grilled over charcoal with pecan wood mixed in.  I placed bacon over the top to provide moisture and… well… BACONNNNN!!!

pork chop bacon

5.  I took a photo of myself on the Elliptical to prove to my friend that I could not pick up the phone.  Like I said… I will take a picture of anything.

working out

6.  This goose was chasing the other males away from what I assume is the apple of his eye.  Once the boys were gone he turned to his potential mate and hissed.  Is he asking her to make him a sandwich?

tongue of goose

7.  This phone picture is grainy because I took it as it was getting dark.  Sitting at a stoplight, I noticed I was being watched!  scary crows

 Remember when cell phones were just PHONES??

mom blog

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I really like the photo of E with wings. That was good timing. The sunrise shot is also nice, but it would be better if it was a sunset. 😉

    • Sunset is when you are waking… don’t you go to bed at sunrise? Hey wait… those are kind of vampire hours!!!!

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Ha! I am JUST the same as you! In fact, I might steal your idea and do a similar post!

    This one made me laugh: “Once the boys were gone he turned to his potential mate and hissed. Is he asking her to make him a sandwich?”

    No, I think he’s the jealous type. He’s saying “That was your fault, you hussy – I saw you un-feathering them with your eyes! I’m ashamed of you!”

    • HA HA HA HA I laughed out loud reading that! Typical male… “it was all YOUR fault” ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  • Ron

    ” Watching the sun rise over an ocean is truly spiritual.”

    Yes, it sure is, Katherine! Beautiful shot! I love how you captured the sunlight reflecting off the ocean, and also that beam of light in the upper right-hand corner.

    “My daughter looked like she had magical wings as she walked across the sand.”

    That is so AWESOME!!!!! She looks like a butterfly/magical fairy!

    And that last shot reminds me of a scene from the movie, “The Birds!”


  • The water looks so calm and peaceful in the sunrise picture. Lovely!

    • I am finally getting to the internet and am seeing your comment… and smiling because this weekend there was not only “no calm”… but hurricane like waves! I need to keep looking at the calm picture to remember what it was like!

  • I love all your photos!!! It would be hard to pick a favorite. Each is so sweet.

    What a clever idea for Duck Donuts.

    Your daughter is so pretty and the wings do look magical.

    • Cheryl… they used to say if you come in for the first visit in pajamas and get your picture taken for the pajama club you get a free donut. I am not sure they do that anymore… but all of us have had a free one!

  • I love that you record life’s little moments using your phone. When they’re older, your kids might just appreciate why you HAD to take each and every one of those photos, especially ones like these that are so full of love and joy at the simple things that make your family rock solid.

    • 🙂 You just made me choke up…. I had to say goodbye to my oldest today… he stayed in Corolla to work the surf shop again… I won’t see him for a week and a half… I miss him!

  • Hey Katherine! I’m constantly surprised by just how good the photos from the newer iPhones are. Way better than my HTC, which I’ve all but given up using. As for the kids despairing, don’t they realise that annoying/embarrassing them is one of our few pleasures? =) Indigo x

    • You know what… I am actually disappointed in how my pictures come out sometimes on the Iphone.

      Recently my son dropped his Iphone in a glass of water… you couldn’t do that if you tried… a freak accident. Needless to say he needed a new phone. He came home with a free Samsung Galaxy Four… and I tell you what…. his pictures are AMAZING!

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