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December’s Gift
Published on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 by

With the temperature a record low of 14 degrees today, it is hard to believe I was riding in a boat just a few weeks ago.  Indeed, December gave us a gift of one 75 degree day that I will not soon forget.  Sporting our shorts and our hoodies, we set out through the intracoastal waterway just a week before Christmas!

The drawbridges on the intracoastal waterway in Chesapeake actually rotate to open rather than move up like a “classic” drawbridge.

chesapeake waterway

intra coaster waterway drawbridge

open drawbridge

This equipment looked like a giant metal beast guarding hidden treasure sunk in the Chesapeake waters.  It is used for dredging, ensuring the waterway is deep enough for passing boats.

huge dredging

dredging equipment

Sure it was 75 degrees, but the water temperature?  Not so much in December.  This was one dedicated paddle boarder!

winter paddleboarding

This family has some serious plumbing issues, don’t you think?

dredge pipes

pipes for dredging

I love the look of rust and decay randomly placed in urban settings.

dredging bucket

This is the old Captain George’s sign located in Pungo.  After the restaurant closed, urban explorers managed some pictures before the building was razed. Fortunately, the sign still remains.

abandoned captain georges

This was a simple break in the trees, allowing a peek at a newly planted farm.

water and trees

We came across a barge being guided by “Bunny,” a Portsmouth tugboat.

water crane

bunny tugboat

Portsmouth tugboat bunny

We found ourselves passing the abandoned Pungo Ferry Marina General Store.  I love graffiti, and laughed out loud as the large sign came in to view.  Apparently there was a bit of a graffiti competition… bitch!  (Blatant Breaking Bad reference, of course.)

graffiti building

funny graffiti

It is very common to see osprey nests on just about anything located in our waters.

osprey nest

Duck hunters often cover their boats with reed blinds.  Notice the one on the grass as well as the one on the water.

duck blind boat

Halfway through the trip we stopped at the Blackwater Trading Post for barbeque sandwiches.  There was a case filled with rattles from local rattlesnakes.  It was fascinating and a bit daunting considering I was unaware of how many rattlesnakes we have nearby.  I love how you can see our reflections in the glass.

virginia rattle snake

rattle snake tails

This record-breaking warm weather was a welcome gift just before the temperatures dropped to record-breaking lows.  Stay bundled up, everyone!

mom blog

  • That’s quite a tour down the intracoastal, and the weather to be able to do that was truly a gift. That’s an impressive number of rattles. Beware!

  • Ron

    Katherine, these photographs are faaaaaaabulous!

    And I mean this sincerely, you have SUCH a great eye for photography. I love your perspective and composition. You’re a natural!

    You captured such beautiful skies in these shots. And I adore that Captain George’s sign!

    I know, can you believe how warm it was in Decemeber? However now, (in so many areas of the States) is freezing! Our high today was 3 degrees. However, I saw on the news that by the end of the week into next, we go back to temps. in the high 40’s, low 50’s.

    Stay warm and cozy, my friend!


  • Such interesting pics. It is hard to believe that there would be 14 and 75 degree weather so close together. Crazy year.

    I think the old general store is very cool. The graffiti artists have really done a number on it. That’s funny that they are smack talking each other with their art.

    Totally, creepy rattlers. Yikes, I thought they were more a desert snake.

  • These pictures are incredible. But my brain cant comprehend 75 degrees in December! lolz

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