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Shoot Me NowReview: Darkstarian Discourse and Diversions

Review: Darkstarian Discourse and Diversions
Published on Thursday, July 15, 2010 by

You know her as Ms. Darkstar.  Mysterious.  Secretive.  Mother to a chinchilla and owner of Darkstarian Discourse and Diversions.  Who is she?  What does she look like?  And can she make a good bath product?

OK, so maybe you didn’t initially ask that question.  But now you can.  Why?  Because I have the answer for you.  And the answer is YES!

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I’ve been meaning to order from her ever since I read her amazing haiku.  I had asked readers to write some haiku in their comments and this was her wonderful submission:

I clicked on your ads
You can buy my bath stuff now
Cheaper than Lush is

She is creative with the pen, but is she creative with the product?  I found out this week when I tried her Lip Balm and Bath Fizzies.

The lip balm smells and tastes delicious.  Ladies, do you remember Lip Smackers?  Watermelon, Dr. Pepper… all very flavorful.  Ms. Darkstar’s are just as tasty and come in an interesting variety of flavors.

During our beach trip my lips burned to a crisp.  Darkstarian lip balm has moisturized my lips and stopped the peeling within a few days.  When you use the balm your lips will be “slick,” but I enjoyed the moisture it provided.

My favorite?  The Raspberry Mango Tango Fizzie.  I have never tried a Lush Bath Bomb so I can’t compare, but I can certainly recommend this fabulous product.  My first thought when I placed it in the bath was, “How does she DO it?!”

The fizzie slowly releases a stream of bubbles as the fruity smell fills the tub area.  Pieces of raspberry floated around and my skin instantly began to feel soft.  Even after the bath my skin was smooth smooth smooth.  And the best part?  I didn’t slip in the shower the next morning from an oily tub.  Bonus points.

But what are the prices like?  Good.  Very good.  My large fizzie was $3.50 with very reasonable shipping.  With things so tight I go around in thrift store clothes and holes with socks.  But with these prices I splurged just a tiny bit without feeling guilty!

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