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Imagines in the Fire
Published on Thursday, February 19, 2015 by

My friend Joan recently had her fireplace cleaned and inspected. You know what that means, right? Free warm fire just down the street!

I took advantage of the warmth on our recent snow and ice day, dragging my camera along. After taking several pictures of the flames I began to notice figures in several of the pictures.

Clear your mind, step back a bit and see if you can find what I see!

If you look to the right you might see a zombie like creature in the smoke.



I saw a shark and a female form in this picture.  It almost looks like the woman is running or ice skating.

woman in fire

fire shark

This woman is posing as if in a speakeasy.

female figure


I see two female figures with no heads, as if they are damaged Italian sculptures.  They appear fairy-like to me as well.


legs in the fire

This final picture has two images, with one I find to be SCARY!  First of all there is a magical mermaid tail.  But just below that is an alien-demon!


alien in fire

demon in fire

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  • Ron

    Katherine, these photographs are sooooooo cool! And not only the figures you saw within the flames, but the pictures of the fire themselves. It’s so challenging to capture moving flames in pictures, but you did it. And so crystal clearly!

    And yes, I see every single figure you saw. The shark and the woman running/skating are BRILLIANT! And I love the alien-demon. It looks like he’s waving!

    Well done, my friend!

    • I am a little worried he WAS waving! 🙂

      I have to be completely honest. With my older camera I tried to capture fire and I wasn’t very successful. But with the new one I set the dial to “candlelight” and BAM – gorgeous fire pictures!

      Yea… I cheated! 🙂

  • Great photography, but I do have one question. We you enjoying an adult beverage with your pal? Just asking.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    • Ha ha my friend offered but if I have a drink during the day I’m napping by five! Perhaps I saw the images later that night at MY house, while enjoying an adult beverage.

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