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Shoot Me NowI Wondered Why So Few People Were Crowding Me!

I Wondered Why So Few People Were Crowding Me!
Published on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by

Just in case any of you question the deep respect my teenage sons have for me:

Let it be known that all previously unsuspecting drivers traveling from the Outer Banks to Virginia Beach yesterday were duly warned.

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  • Bwa-HAHAHA!!!!! I mean, gosh, how mean. I hope you reprimanded them within an inch of their lives.


    • Yes, I reprimanded them for SURE… just like I always do when they “get me”… I try to keep a straight face and then I laugh. I just can’t win LOL! It was funny Margaret.. we always stop at a particular 7-11 on the way home for a wake up snack and stretch. While in 7-11, a complete stranger came up to me and asked which one of my four with me had written the words on my car. She had apparently been behind me and pulled in to the 7-11 at the same time. Glad I was able to keep people awake on their long drives home! 🙂

  • That’s just absolutely hilarious. You handled it well, ha ha.

    By the way, just an observation, the “leave a comment” link wasn’t particularly easy to find because it blends in with the tags and such. I recommend at least making it a different color font or separating it to a different line if possible.

    • Axiom… GREAT suggestion. I have gone through all my template’s options and can’t find an area to even BOLD “leave a comment.” I assume it is actually in code anyway, since it will automatically say either “leave a comment” if there are none, or it will give you the current count of the comments. Of course it is now going on midnight and I’ve been up since 5 a.m…. so I think I will tackle that one tomorrow when I can see straight. Thanks for the tip!

  • Ahahhaha HAHAHAHHA ahhahahahahahaha!!!! Classic!

  • ScoMan

    Hahahahahah That’s great. I want to shake the dusty hand of whoever did that.

  • ScoMan

    Oh! And I had the same problem as Axiom the first time I was here. I couldn’t find the comment thing.

  • Damn, they are GOOD!! Very funny. I would have followed you, just to see who you were.

  • Hilarious! It would have given me a good laugh had I seen it on the highway too. Trained those kids yourself right? Jokesters.

  • Jen

    Ha! They got you good, you have taught them well. Now you have to train them to focus their wit on someone besides the woman who brought them into this world and who is still capable of taking them out (at least let them think that). Apple, tree…

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  • That is really funny. The kid has a sense of humor. I think I would be plotting on how to do a funny to him. Nice of that woman to tell you about it. Have a great day.

  • Are you sure they were trying to be funny?

  • Hahaha.. That is too funny.
    At least, I think so. 🙂
    I came by from the blog party, and you’re totally securing a spot on my list of faves. Thanks for your encouraging words about my weightloss, and I hope to see you around soon. 😀

  • LMFAO! I love that! …. I may have to try that myself….. Shhhh…

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  • Clever & Funny but I hope you made them wash the car.
    Tit for Tat 🙂

  • Hahaha… That's just pure evil

    • Raising boys is an adventure, to say the least. And of course my daughter laughed the whole time they wrote it, I'm sure!

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