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I Touched It
Published on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 by

miniature lime tree

mom blog

  • Ha! I’m guessing they didn’t see you. Unless you’re blogging from your new prison cell. How’s the food? It’s like swill isn’t it. I mean, so I hear.

    • How do YOU know what prison food is like? They didn’t see me. What’s funny is I actually snuck up on it with fear as if I was stealing or something… yea, that’s me… a rebel!

  • You go girl! What a rebel.

    • Oh YEAAAA….. what would Sister say?

  • AHAHHAH ahahahahaha HAHHAHAHH AHAhhahahahah.

  • Way to go! Now… what is it?

    • It has what looks like limes AND lemons. It is at my favorite restaurant – phou ’79. He said it doesn’t taste like what you would expect – that it is tart. Lemon, lime or lemon-lime, not sure!

  • I touch EVERYTHING. But of course, kitties can’t read. 😉

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