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I Make Someone Happy!
Published on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 by

happy faceKerry likes me, she REALLY LIKES ME!  She recently gave me “The Happiness Award” and ummm FORGOT TO TELL ME ABOUT IT.  So Kerry, you are now in my official “I forget EVERYTHING” club.   I am the founding member.  To be honest, I am the ONLY member.  Is it our gastroparesis, or simply our age?  Don’t answer that.

Kerry received this award herself and wrote ten things that make her happy.  Now it’s my turn.

Ten Things That Make Katherine Murray Happy

  1. My children.  Especially when I’m laughing with them so hard that I snort.
  2. My mother.
  3. The last day of school.
  4. The beach house: sitting in the sunshine, swimming in the warm salty ocean, getting ice cream from the cow truck that moos and watching mama deer and her baby twins at twilight just off the deck.
  5. COFFEE. (Can I list that twice?)  How about COFFEE, STRONG BLACK COFFEE, 7-11 COFFEE and CAPPUCCINO.  Is that cheating?
  6. The last machine in my Curves workout.
  7. Remembering my Dad.
  8. The fact that Sister Clotilde and Sister Josita are just a prayer away. And answer mine even when I don’t have time to ask. (My mom will understand that one.)
  9. My mom’s angel food cake with seven minute icing that she makes for me EVERY birthday, her amazing brussels sprouts, her fantastic and I can never duplicate it spaghetti sauce, her carrot/raisin salad and her Cosmos.
  10. My rescue Dalmatian Dottie.  Her scars may be permanent, but I pray the memory of them has faded by the love we hold for her.
  11. Pay no attention to the fact that I went to number eleven.  It is TEN things…. TEN.  So ignore the fact that I am also writing that Tina and Debbie and all their children make me VERY happy.  Now move along, everyone – nothing to see here!

What blogs make me happy?  Lots and lots of them.  All of you who are reading this.  I don’t want to start listing for fear of missing someone important.  And all of you are important.  So I will throw out two of my standard reads.  These women have been the cause of my recent purchase of Depends.

Redhead Ranting: Jen, you are the hub to all of the coolest bloggers on the web, myself included (shut up).  We ARE a TRIBE, no?  You make me laugh, you say things I would love to say but can’t and you inspire me with your drive to make your dreams come true.  I have especially loved your posts about sticky notes and about the Ipad.  You are the Queen of Redheads, and I bow to you.

Mom to the Screaming Masses: Carmen, you could kick my ass.  And I love you for it.  You have introduced me to Lush (darn you!), Sephora and homemade iced coffee.  You live in part of my world, so you GET it.  Some of my favorite posts?  Your wax visit, Gabe’s new haircut and your adventures in the bathroom.  Absolutely laugh out loud posts.  Rock on!

If you so choose, ladies, post your own top ten happy list and nominate someone else!

Since all of you are just as wonderful, I NEED TO KNOW.  What are some things that make YOU happy!

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  • Jen

    Aww, shucks. I had to go back and read the sticky note one. Forgot all about it. If I am the hub you are the spoke and one that can shit graphics out of her ass at will. That is a talent not many people possess. You rock sistah!

  • ScoMan

    I think there are heaps of members in the “I forget everything” club. You all just forget who the other members are. And then you forget you’re in the club.

    The last day of school makes me happy too.. because it means the office will be a lot quieter on the next Monday when all the parents take their kids on holidays.

    I get lots done in a quiet office.

  • Great list of things that make you happy. And there sure are many many members of the I forget everything club. I am the President. I can’t even remember what day it is. But I have an excellent excuse, I am just a little bit old. Have a great day all you funny people.

  • I loved your list and YES Coffee CAN be listed twice!

    And AWWWWW!!
    I love Jen too.
    What you wrote about her is awesome!!!!!!!

    I dont know Carmen, but now I am off to read her blog!

    {I think I may have seriously abused my exclamation mark privileges}

  • See why I nominated you…how could one read that list and your introduction to it without feeling “happy”!

    When I first read your blog and you talked about doing embarrassing uncoordinated stuff and you had GP, I thought…I like her…cause she sounds like me. How honored I am to be the second member of your “forget everything club”!

    Okay, what the heck is it with us GPers and coffee. We are so supposed to NOT drink it and yet its on your happy list. I gave it up for two days this week and now am right back to pouring a good dose into my warm soy milk again. Here’s to ever “happy coffee”!

    Oh one more thing–I always list eleven things on lists that are supposed to contain ten. Hmmmm….maybe we should start a “follow your own rules” club…”add one more club” or something of the sort.

    Here’s to a happy end of the week Katharine, Kerry

  • Great list! Something that makes me happy…cheese. Lots of it. Your description of Jen is perfect. Like Meleah, I don’t know Carmen, but I think I will be introducing myself very soon. Have a lovely day!

  • Aw! I love that you listed your mom AND your mom’s 7-minute frosting. I think your mom could make me very happy too. I have to remember to tell my mom today that she makes me very happy. She’s coming over for lunch and a movie. I’m making a cake, so I’ll need that 7-minute frosting recipe STAT!

  • Such a lovely list. Now I want ice cream. I don’t even need a cow truck that moos.

  • You’re list makes me happy! Family, friends, and cake at the beach house! To me that sounds like perfection.

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